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"Great! This time, Han Dong is sparse,Elderly people and children in the village do n’t have to worry about traveling.,We are more practical,Thank you modern investment for doing a good thing for us。"Yanjiaju, Tongshuxi Village, Qiangjiang County, Huaihua City, facing the staff of the Safety Management Office of the Huaihua Branch, the staff of the Huaihua Branch, thanks。

Since the development of theme education,The party committee of the Huaihua Branch firmly grasped "Learning Thought、Strong Party Sex、Re -practice、New Gong "Total Requirements,Deepen "I do practical things for the masses"。

"Block" is the culvert, the "through" is the heart of the people


Changye high -speed K352+800 culvert located in the boundary boundary of Tongshuxi Village Group for many years of water,Especially when the sediment in the rainy season is constantly pouring in,Leading in the cave blocked,Weeds outside the cave,It brings great inconvenience to local villagers,There is a certain safety hazard。"People have something to call,I have something "。After receiving the public's report,Huaihua Branch organizes the consumer workers to clean up the mud in the cave、Cut the weeds outside the cave,Putting crushed stones in the cave,Building a walk at the entrance of the hole,At the same time, the problem of new and restoration of the water groove damage left over from the construction period,greatly facilitates the convenience of local villagers,Handle the masses "mind" with heart and affection。

Help the disabled see the true feelings, help the heart

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The agricultural busy season has not ended,Wu Wenjie, a villager who lives in Yangjiaren Village, Miyang Water Township, Xipu County, will tell you,Entrusting the Disabled Care Service Center of Xupu County to send a red bottom flag to the Xupu Toll Management Center of Huaihua Branch,The eight golden characters of the book "Help the disability see the true feelings to help the people"。During the "double grab" period this year,Wu Wenjie, a villager who lives in Yangjiaren Village, Miyang Water Township, has made difficulties in the rape of rapes that need to be harvested in w88 mobilemore than ten w88 online live casinoacres.,Children are working outside,Both old couples are in their sixties,Disabled in the legs of the legs,Please be too high for labor costs,The weather forecast said that there will be rain again for a few days。The Xupu Toll Management Center who learned the news took the initiative to contact him,Central Party Member Pioneer Team came to the field with the hot sun,One group of three people、One group is divided into "responsibility zone",Cut out、Pick up and pick up、Hold ... Green oil rape land,Shake a bright "Volunteer Red",Let the people run from "paper" to "field",Finally entered the masses "heart。”

I and Si Chengxin, serving the masses "zero distance"

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"Hello,Welcome to Changye High Speed。"" Please wait "。"Please get your pass card,I wish you all the way all the way "。Kind greetings、Standard gesture、Warm smile、Gongsheng style,A whole set of processes travel flow flow、Completed in one go,It makes people like spring breeze,I won the applause of the scene。This is the scene of the "I am service for the service" industry exchange meeting on the "I am service for the Secretary".。Huaihua Branch always thinks that Si Cheng provides high -quality travel services as its responsibility,Continuously increase the language of civilization for front -line employees、Dressing instrument、Training intensity in behavioral specifications。In terms of convenience services,Except 10 basic convenience services and N extension services,Also provide free road conditions to various transportation w88 online gamesw88 online gamescompanies、Free ETC service、Special services such as rescue,Make a "high -speed+tourism" travel manual,Combined with theme Party Day、Volunteer service and other activities will be distributed to the Division for free,Outstanding service increase efficiency。

"People are difficult,I have some help "。Loss of the elderly for the elderly、Revisiting high -speed on the motorcycle、Help the maintenance failure "anchor" vehicle again ... thank you at a sound、A letter of thanks、Blind flag on the side,Contains countless touching stories,It also contains high -speed people to do good deeds、Termination、The purpose of serving the people for solving difficulties。

"The people are worried,I must think of it;,I will do it "。This is a sound -loud announcement,Even Nian Zi Zezi Action。Leaders of the branch through on -site research、Symposium and exchange、Questionnaire survey and other methods,Sort out the question list of "I do a practical work for the masses",Complete one sales number and one,Make sure each problem is "see the bottom clear zero",Turn "Question List" into the "A result list"。

For private affairs, we will always be on the road.

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