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National Reprencence Conference of the CCP

Modern Environment to Mao Zedong and the First Normal Memorial Hall to carry out theme education practice researchTime: 2023-06-16     Reading volume:

June 15,Hunan Modern Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as the modern environment) entered the "Mao Zedong and First Normal Memorial Hall",Carry out "Promote w88 slotthe actual situation of learning the wind、Party building leading to the theme of the theme party day activity and theme education practice research。Deputy General Manager of Modern Investment、Secretary of the Modern Environmental Party Branch、Chairman Li Zhenglin participated in the event and gave a special party lesson。

Hunan First Normal University is an important birthplace of Huxiang culture,It is also the "red cradle" of the Chinese revolution,Out of Mao Zedong、Cai Hesen、He Shuheng、Ren Bishi、Li Weihan and other a large number of revolutionary ancestors。All party members and cadres of the modern environment are led by the interpreter,I visited the auditorium carefully、Eighth Class Classroom、Wide well、self -study room、Reading Room、Dormitory and other red commemorative points,Lead everyone into the passionate years more than a hundred years ago,Feeling in that stormy years,Young Mao Zedong's heart,Delivery the responsibility and responsibility of "transforming China and the world",Feeling the original intention of the revolutionaries to carry out early revolutionary activities and the persistence of revolutionary ideals。

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In the oath hall,Li Zhenglin leads all party members to take an all -time oath,Revisiting the oath of joining the party。Before the bronze statue of Mao Zedong,All the party members bowed to the young Mao Zedong bronze statue deeply,Express the inner deep memory and infinite respect。Subsequent,Everyone surrounds the bronze statue,Stand -up and admire,Feel the youth style of the great man。

Combining what I think is felt,Li Zhenglin taught you a special party lesson entitled "In -depth study Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping in the new era,Call for everyone to unify my thoughts and actions to the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech,Unified to the Party Central Committee's decision -making deployment,Continuously promoting theme education to go deeply、Seeing the line and effectiveness,Vigorously implement the "three highs and four new" strategies、Strive to build a modern new Hunan journey to highlight the modern environment。

Special Party Lessons through scenes education and listening to theme education,Party members and cadres、Entrepreneurship w88 slotactivists and young representatives、Strong Party Sex、Re -practice、Consciousness and Action Consciousness,firmly inherited the red gene,Promoting the spirit of the revolution,Push the great cause created by the older generation of revolutionaries to move forward,Accelerate the high -quality development of the modern environment,Beauty China, which is coexisting and harmonious in nature together。

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