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"Spicy Mom" ​​after the 90s: ten years insisted on the transformation of dreams from "Novice Xiaobai" to "Service Star"Time: 2023-12-11     Reading volume:

"Hello,Please show the pass card ... Please get your small ticket,Thank you,I wish you all the way! "——Fang Yan, Hunan Expressway Group, 2023, Fang Yan, the honor of the labor and skill competition of the employee and skill competition of" Civilized Services ",As usual,Sitting upright in the toll sentry box carefully,Skilled action、Sweet sound,This is also her daily epitome that she has entered the highway for ten years。


Fang Yan,Born in June 1990,Modern Investment Changsha Branch Changsha Toll Station Toll Tolls,Entering Changsha Toll Station in August 2013。She dedicated the best and most youthful ten years in her life to the highway charging work,w88 slotw88He has been evaluated many times、Branch "Advanced Personal"、"Top Ten Tolls" and other honors,In 2022, the company's first charging and monitoring professional professional skills competition was rated "Top Ten Tolls and Monitor"。


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"Thousands of people" is her business card

Changsha toll station geographical location special,Large traffic、Special Love,Fang Yan, who is a first -line toll staff, always insists on "treat others with sincerity、Civilized Services "work purpose,With a solid business、Skilled skills and window services like spring breeze become a beautiful business card for the station。Winter go to spring,She is like a day for ten years,"Strict Trends"、"Go all out" at work、"Summary and improvement" after get off work; at high temperature at high temperature、Frozen in severe cold,Facing the passenger staff who came south and north,She insists on smiling "without falling"、Sweet Sound "always has"、Standardize the "no loopholes"; even if the attitude is not friendly enough,,In her patient explanation and warm -hearted window service,Can alleviate emotions,Actively cooperate with the work of the toll site。"Thousands of people" work style,Let her have gained many praise from Si Cheng,Thank you、A favorite、One sentence "It's you again",Not only does it shorten the distance between communication with Si Cheng,More up to the friendship bridge that communicates with Si Cheng。


Driving hard is her true color

When I first came to work in the toll station,Fang Yan always stood silently next to the "old" toll staff to observe and learn carefully,Record method and skills with your heart;,Adjust the posture of w88 slotone action and w88 mobileone posture,Repeated correction of a pronunciation of pronunciation,Constantly practicing charging action、Civilized term and smile service。Under the new situation of "One Netcom",To identify various new types for proficiency、Hidden Escape Pass Vehicle,She will pay attention to observing records and classify different cases,Use business time to ask the audit team and business backbone,Seeking answers,Experience Experience Method。After accumulated hard work,Her business skills are getting superb,Treatment of various types of special vehicles is also increasingly handy。Facing thousands of traffic on the bicycle lane every day,She can always determine accurately、Specification operation,With a full spirit、Clean and neat movements and sincere smile services, everybody。During the first skill contest for the company,For more than 3,000 theoretical problems and practical training passwords for more than 3,000 theoretical problems,She devoted her body and mind with the spirit of "stupid bird first",Earlier entering training status,"Super long standby" every day until one or two in the morning,She summarizes the refinement of "editing tactics、Drawing table、Againing points "and other types of memory methods and actively share,Help the team competition to win good results,And she personally achieved the top ten good results with the excellent results of zero errors。In 2023, the group's safety transportation and maintenance post employee labor and skill competition civilized charging video evaluation,Her stable output,The third place in the third place with excellent performance as before。


Perseverance is her original intention

As w88 slotthe province's bicycle lane traffic is the largest、Total traffic ranks second in the province's second highway toll station,Changsha Toll Station should face the peak of blowout traffic on the eve of the major holidays and the day、Zhou tide -type traffic。To meet the needs of the people at the toll site,The station will recruit volunteers in advance to participate in Baozheng Baochang,Fang Yan will always respond to the call and charge at the forefront。"Learn Lei Feng"、Love warm journey and "street lights" volunteer service activities,There are her busy figures,Add a cup of ginger tea、Send a mask,Warm -hearted smile with the blessing of the Spring Festival makes the travel staff of the travel feel warm,Lianlian praise。Fang Yan’s husband work at a toll station in a foreign country,The old and young at home need to take care of,But for ten years,She has never affected her work due to her family。Even the mother -in -law accident is hospitalized,She is also a hospital、Home、Nothing to work,She often says: "It's okay to be tired,Can't delay work。"" Post -90s hot mom,No arrogance、No complaint,Using practical actions to interpret it in the job、The duty of duties and duties。

Ten years of dream pursuit,Fang Yan grew up from the "Novice Xiaobai" who entered the workplace into the "service star" of the job skills; insisted on ten years,She will be a source of motivation to learn as a motivation to improve the skills,Write the wonderful Chinese chapter of the ordinary work in the three -ruler pavilion with hard work。Future,Fang Yan will always be like one,Constantly draw on knowledge nutrients,Proper to business skills,Continue a new chapter w88in ordinary front -line posts!

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