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General Manager of Modern Environment Xu Yanyong was selected as "Innovative Talent" in Hunan ProvinceTime: 2023-11-01     Reading volume:

       October 31,2023 Hunan Provincial Enterprise "Innovation Talent" release and preaching conference was held in Changsha。Academician Yin Yinlong, an academician of the Chinese Academy w88 online live casinoof Engineering, reads the Provincial Science and Technology Association、Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce、Provincial Science and Technology Department、Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology、The Provincial SASAC's notification of the results of the "Innovation Talent" selection of "Innovation Talents" in Hunan Province in 2023。Hunan Modern Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as modern environment) Xu Yanyong selected。

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       Xu Yongyong's scientific research,Adhering to the ideal of reporting to the country for science and technology,"Environmental Protection from ME" as a goal of corporate purpose and pursuit。He emphasizes science and technology for enterprises,Always insist on using independent innovation as the driving force for improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise,Relying on independent innovation,further established the "Modern Environment" brand,Get a series of scientific research results。Its individual has won the first prize of the provincial excellent science popularization works、Provincial Natural Science Award First Prize、Provincial Government's third -class merit、The Provincial Government'w88s Awards and other honors,Host and participated in the country、7 items of provincial and ministerial topics,Published the "National Sustainable Development Aesthetic Innovation Demonstration Zone Construction -Practical Exploration and Experience of Luzhou City",Authorized patent 15 items,Published more than 30 papers,The "one type of recovery of recovery and artificial wetland combined with artificial wetland combined with artificial wetland"、"Short-range nitrification-Anti-oxidized ammonia oxidation preface batch biofilm dehydration operation method and device" and other patents have been successfully applied to multiple environmental engineering projects,Economic benefits、Significant ecological benefits。

       In recent years,Modern Environment and Central South University、Hunan University、Hunan Agricultural University、Wuhan University and other universities establish production -university -research cooperation,Common project research,Promote the scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrade of the enterprise,"Research Center of Hunan Province's urban and rural domestic garbage treatment and w88 mobiledisposal engineering technology research centers"、"Non -color metal green election and smelting and pollution prevention technology Hunan Provincial Engineering Lab" and Changsha City Expert Work Station,Authorized the national core patent 122 items,Its independently developed "Research and Engineering Demonstration of Expulsion and New Technology for Advanced Oxidation and New Technology" project won the Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award。

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