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Since the launch of the "Three Insurance and Three" special operations of modern investment,All members of the Huaihua Branch condensed、Fenfuki,Focus on the "Chuanghuai Mode,Tree operation benchmark "goals and directions,Everyone is a pioneer、Leading Array、Tree benchmark,With the solid steps of struggle and the spirit of hard work,Created a brand、Liang special officer entrepreneurial atmosphere。

That wiping "fluorescent green" and "Pioneer Red",It is every high -speed person who sticks to each position,Busy figure,The roar of the mechanical,A busy scene ... The scenes of the scene、Sinicable w88 mobiledeeds、Pioneer models have given us too much movement。

They condense their minds into "fusion",New expansion in creative ideas。Branch to study and implement the 20th spirit of the party,Strengthening party building leaders,Persist in leading the new ideas for new ideas,Highlight "Red" dominant position,Combined with "Party Construction+Business"、"Party Construction+Security" and other dual fusion working mode,Perfectly promoting the special activity of the "Three Insurance and Three" to achieve results,Realize the planning of party building and business、A total of improvement。At the grassroots level,They wear red sleeve seal incarnation "Pioneer Red",Enter the masses、Entering the village、Entry lane、Entering the bridge tunnel、Enter the highway,The "Board of Bone", "Volleyball Soldiers" and "Pioneer",Open the end nerves of the integration of party building,Focus on creating a more red highway with connotation and highlights。

The party member assault team took the initiative to clean up. PNG

The party member assault team actively attacked to clean up the dwelling canal of Yanzi Cave

Party Member Pioneer Joint Traffic Police Enter the masses to promote safety knowledge .PNG

Party members Pioneer Joint Traffic Police Enter the public to promote safety knowledge

They focus on "service",New results in the creation method。"Three -point building,Seven -point support。"Road repair is the basis,Maintenance is the key。In the "Three Insurance and Three Great" special process of "One month",The branch has implemented the "grasp learning training、Grabbing management、Safety grasp production、Grasp engineering maintenance、Grab the extension service、w88 slotGrasp the linkage of the joint diligence、Grasp the environmental improvement、Catching mechanical and electrical operation and maintenance、Grab quality improvement "" Nine Grab "Action,Proposal "Graduation Battle、Monthly desktop deduction、Regulatory mechanism、Week check、Monthly scheduling、Season Review "and other special work measures,Cultivation reduction and efficiency with innovation,Effectively created "Yan" with "Yan",Ensure that the people are traveling all the way,To create "Ann、Chang、Shu、Beauty's new highway new image continues to force。


Put forward the "Monthly Desktop Details" special work measures

Ningxin Gathering and Unity to create the most beautiful station area.pngNingxin Gathering and Unity to create the most beautiful station area

Under the night to answer the relevant policies of the vehicle rescue .PNG

Night to answer the relevant policies for the rescue of the vehicle

They empower the pioneer to "development",New breakthroughs in the creation mechanism。Since the reform of the company's three systems,Branch deepened reforms,Stimulates high -quality development and then upgrade,Put forward the "one job and multi -energy" talent training mechanism,Realize operation transfer maintenance、Multi -job "role conversion"。At work,They are the pioneer、Incorporate practice、Rive foot energy,Not only does it turn into "new character",It even achieved "new breakthrough",Fully demonstrated the job level adjustment of employees' posts、Effective reform results of working sequence conversion channels,Vigorously excavated the internal potential of employees,Stimulated team vitality,Pioneer accurate empowerment w88 mobileof charging operations upgrade。

Wang Chenyang.png

Wang Chenyang

Wang Chenyang, deputy director of the Safety Management Institute of Yanjiang Maintenance Road Production, said: "It's the spring breeze for another year,Since the "new character" conversion process of operation and maintenance post,Understand that learning is the brightest background in each stage of life,Really use time on the officer entrepreneurial,Focus on energy to shortcomings、Improvement improvement "。

He Fenghua.png

He Fenghua

"Most Beautiful Fanghua" Director He Fenghua: "People Qinchun come early,Struggle just at the time,Small bodies carry big responsibilities。"She has been consistent for many years,Traveling in the key section of the area,Cracking slopes to check hidden dangers,Rectification of the environment,Walk the village to visit the town to promote the highway policy,Gradually grow from "newbie" to maintain "capable"。

Everything is done,must be done。All cadres and employees of Huaihua Branch under the leadership of party members and typical examples,Eponation has a more exciting work enthusiasm,Invest all the minds and energy into the special work of the "Three Insurance and Three",Condensing one heart、Unity Struggle,Responsible for work、Building the future together,Struggle in the vivid practice of the high -quality development chapter of the compilation branch、More colorful。

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