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Company employees won the title of "Excellent Engineer" in Hunan ProvinceTime: 2023-02-22     Reading volume:

On the morning of February 21,The first "Excellent Engineer" award conference w88 online gamesin Hunan Province was held in Changsha,Comrade Ding Jun, the company's new energy company, is awarded the title of "Excellent Engineer" in Hunan Province。



It is reported,2022 Hunan Province "Excellent Engineer" selection activity starts from November last year,Live 3 months,Priority considerations in the construction machinery representing Hunan's cutting -edge scientific and technological achievements and "3+3+2" advanced manufacturing cluster、Rail Transit Equipment、Engineering and technical personnel in key industries and fields of aviation power,50 tree selected tree achieved excellent achievements in the field of production and construction、Engineering technology workers who have made important contributions,Building respect for labor in the whole society、Respect knowledge、Respect for talents、Respect the atmosphere created,Guide science and technology workers, especially engineering technology and technology workers to release innovative potential,Show innovative style,Help Hunan to build w88an important national talent center and an innovative highland。

As a pioneer of new technologies such as Hunan 10 kV distribution network non -stop power transfer load、Leaders of the development and construction of new energy development and construction of Hunan highway,Comrade Ding Jun has long been committed to carrying out technical research and innovation at the front -line organization of power production and construction,Lead the team to continuously break through the industry technical problems,Get more important results。In recent years,He won more than 60 technological innovation rewards at the prefecture level and above,Among them, 6 items of provincial and ministerial levels and above,It is rated as an expert on special allowances of the Hunan Provincial Government、Hunan Provincial Enterprise Innovation Master、Honorary titles such as Changsha Master。

Since entering the modern investment system,Lead the team to actively participate in traffic smart energy construction and zero carbon operation,Vigorously carry out the w88 online live casinoexploration of highway "photovoltaic+" complex engineering technology,Focus on building a new highway new power system with new energy as its main body,Help achieve dual carbon target。In the next job,He and the team will "learn excellence、Creating Excellence ",Charging for a good life,Empowerment for infrastructure "made its own maximum contribution。

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