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Looking back at each major node of Huaihua Branch in 2022

All cohesion of the hard work of all employees

Every ordinary figure is a solid force to promote the development of the branch

Looking forward to 2023 We set off for a new departure

In the new journey full of glory and dreams

There is no shortcut, but only dry

[Excellent "is a habit]

Guan Cong.png

Guan Cong: 2022 The 13th National Transportation Industry Vocational Skills Contest Highway Tolls and Monitor Competition Personal Personal Personal Personal、Hunan Province "May 1st" Labor Medal、2022 Hunan "State -owned Enterprise Craftsman"

"Facing monotonous jobs,We need to have a kind of dedication、The spirit of selfless dedication,More "master" service consciousness。"Make an extraordinary career in ordinary posts,This is Guan Cong's life goal that Guan Cong has determined to himself。As a toll squad leader,He is responsible for work seriously、Delicate,Have a strong career and sense of responsibility,Have a solid charging w88 mobilebusiness skills。In 2021, on behalf of the company, he participated in the first Hunan Vocational Skills Contest Highway Tolls and Monitoring and National Vocational Skills Contest.,With skilled skills,Finally won the first place in the first place,and won the opportunity to participate in the National Vocational Skills Competition on behalf of the Hunan Provincial Department of Transport。During the one -year training process,He faces all kinds of difficulties,Stand out among many contestants,Fully showed ordinary positions to make extraordinary performance。

["Fighting" is a responsibility]

Zhu Chao .png

Zhu Chao: In 2022, the group company's safety transportation and maintenance post employee labor and skill competition firefighter personal comprehensive skills fuck the second place

He is an ordinary tunnel inspector,Every day with a record book,Tunnels walking in the area of ​​Haihuai High Speed、Power distribution room、High -level pool and other key areas,Where to fail the device,There will be his figure where there will be。He insists on using "higher, faster and more refined" as self -requirements,He knows that his physical fitness is not prominent,For weak links,Keep training yourself "increase" and "increase yards",Other people practice ten times,He practiced a hundred times,When someone else is rest,He is still training training。In a training,His thumb joint injury,He still endures the pain、Wearing a fire service exercise competition subject at high temperature,overcome various difficulties with tenacious will,The training scores of various items are maintained at the forefront of the branch part -time firefighter team。

[Professional "is a literacy]

Tian Wei.png

Tian Wei: 2022 Hyundai Investment Co., Ltd. The first highway charging and monitoring skills competition for the first place

Behind the results,Soaked Tian Wei's hard work,He entered the work of Huaihua Branch w88 online live casinoin 2013,In the position of the squad leader,Delicate,Monstrican dedication,The team brought by the team has won the advanced team of the branch many times,Everyone calls him "good class chief、Good Brothers "。The charging operation seems simple,But if you want to be the best among many participants,It is necessary to pay more hard than ordinary people。During the training process of the competition,Tian Wei gets up at 6 am every day,At 24 o'clock in the middle of the night,Learn theoretical knowledge when you are tired,Learning theoretical knowledge is tired, practice practice,Only a little bit of progress every day。Even the soreness of the arm for a long time,The pace of continuous practice,Eventually with my own efforts,In exchange for the fruitful results。

[Perfect "is a pursuit]

Liu Xiaojun.png

Liu Xiaojun: 2022 Modern Investment Highway Mechanical and Electrical Skills Skills Competition

Since 2020,All 487 highway provincial border toll stations nationwide cancellation,Highway realizes "one network",The maintenance management of mechanical and electrical equipment is becoming more and more important。Liu Xiaojun knows that he is good at work in the diligence and is in hipping,Traveling in the thought destroyed,Always maintain a positive mental state,Use free time,Careful study of the charging software system,lane control equipment,Various mechanical and electrical systems such as video surveillance system and computer network。and continue to learn new electromechanical knowledge through self -study and participation in training,Toll stations、Police lane、He has his figure everywhere,Fully implement theoretical knowledge into actual work。He said in the competition,On this big stage that allows me to perform talents,Although tired,The heart is indeed full of happiness。

["Good learning" is an attitude]

Cao Yong.png

Cao Yong: The w88 mobilefirst prize of the company system 2022 Ankang Cup Safety Production Knowledge Competition

"Do not push off,Disglement "is his guidelines for doing things。Cao Yong entered the Haihua Maintenance Road Production Safety Management Office in 2021,Road production safety and other business knowledge is a new challenge for him,He knows that his foundation is weak,Therefore, pay more attention to improve yourself in professional knowledge。To enter the role as soon as possible,He through studying laws and regulations、Related business knowledge、Ask the outstanding colleagues around him,Constantly accumulate business knowledge,Improve work ability。In just one year,From a "foreigner",Become "Business",It has also repeatedly achieved excellent results in the knowledge competition within the branch。

["Efforts" is an attachment]

Li Xiuyong.png

Li Xiuyong: The first place in the first place of "one job and multi -energy" training assessment of Huaihua Branch in 2022

"The branch poured out the true feelings for me、Give the sincerity,I should also give a passionate return,Use higher enthusiasm,Services for the high -quality development of the branch ",This is a speech on Li Xiuyong at the training ceremony。A pair of glasses on the bridge of the nose,Faces often hang iconic smiles,A pair of literary quality。As a young employee born in 1996,Li Xiuyong actively responded to the call,Actively sign up to participate in the "one job and multi -energy" training,He knows that only continuously strengthening learning,Qly yourself,can we meet the development needs of the company。Facing new knowledge and new business,He thinks frequently、Can suffer hard,Whether it is theoretical knowledge or practical practice,His always the most serious one。After class,He will summarize the learning content of the day,Mark the confusion encountered w88 slotin learning,Make sure that learning is successful、Learning to get something,More important thing is,Let him have more confidence to welcome more post challenges。

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