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Lord Sister Style: Struggle Youth is not upset ShaohuaTime: 2023-01-03     Reading volume:

Afternoon on the last working day of 2022,Changsha Branch Changsha Toll Station charging window,Toll staff Hu Yan is still sitting in the three -ruler box as usual as usual,Strong figure with a capable action gesture,Sweet Candier Moon Smile with a friendly service word,Vividly interpret the "Civilized and Quality Service" brand business card of modern investment,show civilization、Transmit warm。

On the eve of the New Year of 2023,News from the Chinese Highway Society,Hu Yan won the ninth "Sister of China",This is another honor she won after the "Furong Baigang Star" in Hunan Province in 2022.。



2022,It is the fourth year of Hu Yan's work。During the four years,She always adheres to the "service zero complaint、Zero Discipline、Operation Zero error error "strictly requires yourself,Efforts to improve the level of business skills,Careful implementation of service commitments -use civilized service、Sincere smiles infected with people who came to the north and north,Bridge of communication,Warm you and me。

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    2019,Hu Yan who just entered the toll station to adapt to the new environment as soon as possible,Skills of the techniques of business knowledge and civilized services,She will always get up one hour in advance before going to work every day,Recitation of model classification and judgment formula,Effective experience and skills taught by predecessors。After her exquisite makeup for herself,shouting "work with your heart in front of the mirror  Skills of Smile ",Cheer up for yourself。To make the smile more natural、easy -going,After get off work,She will always bite chopsticks in front of the mirror to practice,Adjust the arc,Training muscle tension,Practice is more intimate、Sweet smile。

Finally,With a spirit of serious energy and the spirit of unwilling to lose after the 95th, she,Careful service attitude、Standard action gesture、Sweet and splendid smile、Specific civilized words,Become a station -based civilized high -quality service bald soldier,Honor for the "Top Ten Tolls" of the Changsha Branch of Modern Investment in Modern Investment。2021,Hu Yan selects through layers,Skills training for more than two months of experience,On behalf of the company, the company participated in the first toll staff and monitoring skills competition final of the transportation industry in Hunan Province,Winning the eleventh result。After several months of theory、Practical training,Thousands of theoretical answers,Practical exercises familiar with heart,Hu Yan won the ninth place in the first skill competition organized by modern investment companies with solid skills and skilled skills.,Awarded "Top Ten Tolls and Supervisors"。

Get experience in work with your heart   Learn to use long -term supplement

November 2021,Hu Yan took the initiative to apply for borrowing to Changshao Lou Company,I supported a full three months at the Toll Station of Huaming Building。Facing a strange environment,Far home and young children,She transforms her thoughts w88 online gamesand reluctance into a motivation for hard work,No resentment,Discussion on exchanges with colleagues at the Toll Station of Huaming Building,Share the work experience learned at the Changsha Branch at the employees of Hua Minglou Toll Station,Learn the latest business knowledge with them,Discuss the method of improving high -quality civilized services,Learn from each other,Common progress。

February 2022,Hu Yan returned from Changshao Lou to work to work in Changsha Toll Station。Changsha Toll Station geographical location special,Large traffic、Special Love,Work requirements and labor intensity are even more tested。In order to get a new improvement in the new environment,She sacrifice the rest time and stay at the station,Adjust yourself with an empty cup mentality,Keep watching the video when others work,The advantages of drawing the benchmark model,Let yourself quickly improve the service level and quality。How to make the toll staff's work more comprehensive,What about the service? As an ordinary toll collector,She will often think about,Frequent discussions with people。Although the post is ordinary,But to do ordinary things for excellence is extraordinary,Think of it, it is also practiced like this; a action、A civilized term,She will always repeatedly scrutinize,Incorporate your own thoughts,Make civilized high -quality services more standardized、Professional,It is also more affinity,Create a window service quality that keeps pace with the times。

Being kindly to others to promote virtue   Active as a passing warmth

Before doing a good job of civilized and high -quality services,Hu Yan even extended love and warmth to the window,Give the Si Cheng Finger Road、For the Division, the hot water、Gang Division Putting Put Pass Pass and other deeds.。Metely encounter bad weather such as ice, snow, rain fog,She will run around with everyone in the lane to shovel snow、Laying sacks,Command and guide traffic;,Provide road conditions information consultation,and send w88 online gamesthem hot instant noodles and tea。When faced with thanksing thanks,She always said that this is just a little trivial matter,Is she should do,Her sweet smile and bright red volunteer armbands on the arm reflect each other,Become a beautiful scenery at the toll site。This is a century -old group for the establishment of the delegation this year,At this special moment,She was by the group company、The company rated as "Excellent Communist Youth League Member",Honor,Even more incentive。

Since this year,The situation of the new crown pneumonia's epidemic situation severe repeated,To ensure the health and safety of personnel,The management mode of "no class out of the class" in the toll station。During the residential station,Hu Yan will take the initiative to go to the lane to help disinfection when the break time、For post,Give my colleagues for body temperature、Register。When she saw the notice in the group member group, "Xiang Trade Community in Changyong Jiayuan Community for free nucleic acid testing urgently needs volunteers",She did not hesitate at all at zero shifts,Sign up to participate in volunteer service,Carefully check everyone's place code,Careful reminding comrades who have not performed the third vaccination for the third vaccination to do a good job of vaccination,Remind everyone to keep one -meter safe distance ... You can always see her busy figure at the nucleic acid testing site。Facing the gratitude of the community staff,She said: "Always small good,Goodness,This is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation,As a member of the members of the new era,We should continue to inherit the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation。”

After the nucleic acid test is fully released,Changsha toll station has successively appeared in infection,Personnel in front line,On -site work is facing major tests。Learn that the team members bring their illnesses,After the touching deeds that are burned and sticking to the front line,Hu Yan takes the initiative to ask the squad leader,Replace w88 mobilethe sick colleague,Repeated extension of the post time long; charges、issuing card、Treatment of special feelings, etc.,Under the protective mask, she wrote the difficulties with actual actions、The vivid chapter of mutual assistance and mutual assistance。



Hu Yan,This vibrant 95th post -95th,Effective learning is her label,Diligent work is her label,Her label with others ... In the future, she will have more labels,But every label on her body will be shine,Available gorgeous glory,Let youth live up to Shaohua!

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