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Not long ago,The 13th National Transportation Industry Vocational Skills Contest Highway Tolls and Monitor Contests will end in Chengdu,The company player Guan Cong、The Hunan Provincial Team composed of Li Xiangyan has achieved the eighth good results of the group in this "national competition",Among them, Guan Cong personally ranks 12th place,Li Xiangyan personally ranked 24th,Single scores in the order of banknotes nationwide。

One minute on the stage for ten -year merit。Today,Let's approach these two positions together,Knowing that they are practicing them in Sanno Pavilion, I will have a good skill,The story of "high -speed" fingertips。

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 Huaihua Branch Chenxi South Toll Station Toll Standing Team Guan Cong


Highway charges and monitor are mainly engaged in highway traffic charges、Surveillance on road conditions、Pass information collection and other work,Their work is boring and boring,Many young people are unwilling to do this line。But the young Guan Cong has his own pursuit。Diligence and practice, he has dozens of notebooks,Whether it is a meeting、Training、On -site work,He will always bring a,Easy to put key work、Difficulty w88 slotQuestions、Learning lessons and other detailed records,Organize according to the category,Repeated thinking,To accumulate daily digestion。

August last year,Skilled business Guan Cong was selected to the company to participate in skill training,One and a half months of time,His hard training,Even at rest time,Do not give up practice,Each process is familiar with heart,Each skill is fine。On behalf of the company, he participated in the first Hunan Provincial Vocational Skills Contest Highway Tolls and Monitoring Council and National Vocational Skills Contest.,With skilled skills,Finally won the first place in the first place,and won the opportunity to participate in the National Vocational Skills Competition on behalf of Hunan Province,For a time, it became the most popular and beautiful baby in my hearts。


The honorary honor did not let Guan Cong dizzy the brain,He always said,It can represent Hunan to participate in this national skill contest,Honor,It is even more responsible。In order to seize the hard -won opportunity this time,He continues to "overweight" before the game,Fully complete various training tasks。

This national contest,Simulation charging operation project uses the toll system and equipment of Sichuan Province,Difficulty in getting started。Face difficult,He is not afraid,During the one -year training process,Training team members need to perform theoretical knowledge every day、Police exercises、Fault treatment、Emergency Surgery Competition Training,From 8 am to 10 pm,The training intensity is very large,He puts the time to accompany his family on training,My son was born one and a half years old and a total of time was only 20 days。

Kung Fu is not responsible for people,Through the boring training of the day after day,Guan Cong finally embarked on the stage of the national competition。In the simulation charging operation competition,Players from all over the world compete with each other,The atmosphere is very tight。Guan Cong stable emotions,calm response,Stir out from many contestants,Finally, the 12th place w88 online live casinoof the individual of the highway charging and the monitor project of the monitor project,Fully demonstrated the excessive business skills of modern investors、The service level of high -quality civilization and good spiritual style。

Now the theoretical knowledge related to charges is already familiar with the heart,The learning method derived from the national competition system also laid a seed in Guan Cong's heart。He said with emotion: "I never thought that I could walk to the stage of the national competition,The dream of the Sanje Pavilion can also be affirmed,This experience will also make my life more colorful。” 

Li Xiangyan: From "substitute" to the first gorgeous counterattack


Li Xiangyan, the head of the toll station of the Loudi Toll Station of Changsha Branch

Different from "Seed Player" Guan Cong,Li Xiangyan was originally just a "substitute player"。early September last year,Li Xiangyan dragged his luggage from Loudi Toll Station to Zhaoshan Toll Station to prepare for the provincial competition。Knowing that other friends have already trained here for a while,Also experienced experience,Li Xiangyan silently "pressurize" herself。

"At that time, everyone was proficiently operating in Sichuan's charging keyboard,And I am still reciting the keyboard operation。"" In order to reduce the gap in the shortest time,She has developed a set of effective and feasible "quick" schemes,Repeated memory with all rest time,Continuous practice,Let yourself form muscle memory,The effect of achieving fast blindness。

October last year,Li Xiangyan stands on the field of professional skills competition and monitor projects in Hunan Provincial Transportation Industry Vocational Skills Competition,After the 90s, she rely on excellent business quality,Stand out among many contestants,Solid money -ordering skills、Frequent banknote speed,The reputation of the "King of Speed" in the "King of Speed" is allowed to get her。

Li Xiangyan, who won the first achievement, gained the joy of success,I found the momentum of forward。After looking for your advantages in ordering money,She is even more hard! Handheld single finger single、One finger w88 mobilemultiple、Four finger dial、Five fingers move,She learned various fancy banknote methods through the Internet,Then she then target her finger characteristics and the flexibility of each finger joint,Repeated research and exploration,Looking for the most suitable solution。

November this year,Li Xiangyan, who has passed the five levels and six generals, successfully advances into the national contest,Unlike the tension in the first participation,Her wise eyes on the stage of the national competition stage flashed in the lens with confident light。Theoretical knowledge competition link,She is calm and calm、Accurate answers;,She competes against time、Focus on the expression,With the crispy and rapid keyboard knocking sound,One banknotes flying between her fingers,A series of license plates beating on the computer screen; fault treatment display,Her movement is skilled and standard; emergency treatment link,Her witness to fight,Strive upstream .....


From "Make -up Players" to a single item in the country's first,Behind the honor is continuous sacrifice and self -accumulation,Li Xiangyan tells us the reason why her story is accumulated。Take root in the front line for 3 years,700 greetings per day,700 times of seeing off,From dawn to sun and twilight,Countless moments of day and night rotation,She wrote the most beautiful youth on the highway。

During the epidemic,She retrograde,Assist the station to carry out order maintenance at work、Information registration、Material transportation、Logistics support、Personnel management and other work,Rest days came to the community and became volunteers。In Sanjibang,She is the driver's "intimate little girl",Rescue Lost Old Man、Assisting the company to find out of things、Provide emergency drugs for passengers with sudden diseases,Records of nearly a hundred good people and good things throughout the year,Behind the number is her sincere tenderness and love transmission。holidays,High -speed people lack the laughter of reuniting with their families,Can only celebrate the New w88 mobileYear in the traffic,Whenever she will take the initiative to come to the station cafeteria,Prepare a few good dishes to alleviate the feelings of my colleagues。

Xiangri Yingbi language,Yan Galizchen。Li Xiangyan,Like her name and goodness,Highway in the car water Malong,She uses words and deeds to tell loyalty and dedication;,She interprets pragmatic and responsible with the cultivation; in the most beautiful age in life,She created her own Chinese chapter with struggle。

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