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Diligence and hard work, young people have to be like thisTime: 2022-07-15     Reading volume:

Youth Fengshi,Struggle just at the time。The "post -90s" of the Majiahe Toll Station,Grasp the knowledge of knowledge in diligent learning,Practice professional skills in hard work,Essence on the track of youth as a modern pioneer,Contributions are booming new forces。

"30 and standing" stands in energy lifting strength

Maintenance team leader Tan Wenhao,30,But experience is old to。Technical problems thrown by colleagues,He can always solve it easily,This is his good learning behind this。"System equipment updates in the new charging mode quickly,Only learn more,Can you not be outdated。w88 online live casino"" Daily and machine、Data Division,Seemingly boring,Tan Wenhao enjoyed the process of solving the problem。After the national network charges,In order to give the new equipment performance、Working principles and operation specifications understand、Touch,Tan Wenhao did not work overtime。啃 Information、Squatting scene,Whether day and night,Where is there a problem,He responded for the first time,Time to process,never delay。step forward step by step,More than day and day。Technical details learned every day,Experience accumulated in each barrier,Become a method and direction for Tan Wenhao's improvement of work,Soon he became a technical backbone that can be able to take one side,There is a big task distribution every time,The performance is always eye -catching。

With the improvement of the business,Now Tan Wenhao pays more attention to the collection of system data、Analysis、Early Warning,Pre -judgment of the operating status of the device based on data changes,Timely discover potential hidden dangers,escort for the stable operation of the equipment。At the same time, he also pays attention to thinking,What new technologies can be applied to actual work? What other small innovation points can solve the urgent needs in daily work?、Simple practical method,Share it to the team,Make the charging work efficiently。In the first quarter,The key indicators of various charges at the Majiahe Toll Station are better than the reference standard,Three of them ranked first。

Tan Wenhao.jpg

"Small goals" integrate into the development of big pictures

At the end of 2021,The first place in the "Top Ten Tolls" of the branch of the year,Wu Huang Xiaojie achieved another small goal,But this does not stop him from eager to improve。Climbing to a higher place,forward to farther,is the belief of this "post -95" youth。Now,He is actively preparing for the company's first highway charging and monitoring professional professional skills competition。In the busy work gap,He always uses fragments to brush questions,Proficiency business rules; after get off work,He drives colleagues around him to perform simulation practical exercises,Take the initiative to share the experience you gained in high -quality service in civilized civilization。

Business ability is increasing,Ideological learning does not relax。He understands the situation at home and abroad through the "Learning Power" platform、State affairs and people's conditions,Enhance the understanding and grasp of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era; participate in the "Pioneer of the Party Shi Run's early Development"、"Test of Party Construction Special Knowledge Test", etc.,Take each answer as a test of learning、Knowing consolidation。

"As a youth party member,One day if you do n’t learn, you will have knowledge panic、The sense of panic,Make your own thoughts and concepts、Methods、Knowing level keeps with the pace of development of the times。"Wu Huang Xiaojie seriously studied the theory and actions deeply infected with other party members of the branch,Under his drive,Party w88members change the initial learning and not active、No in -depth problems,Each study of each study、devoted to the beginning of every organization life,Efforts to strengthen theoretical armed forces,Enhance the cultivation of party spirit。

Wu Huang Xiaojie.jpg

"Small transparency" also wants to sparkle

In the recent monthly civilized service video evaluation,Liu Ling ranked at the forefront again。This "post -95" girl who just adjusted from other stations last year,Not high,Xian Jingjing,"Small Transparent"。Wu Huang Xiaojie trees in the same class and the same class,Planting an advanced seed in her heart。

"Every round of trains peak,When I feel tired,I will look at the adjacent window,Qi Qi。"role model is also like a teacher,Wu Huang Xiaojie's learning attitude、Work enthusiasm、Business capabilities are subtly affecting Liu Ling。She uses her spare time to summarize her work,Experience the smile service seems to be unchanged,In fact, it needs to be continuously carried out in combination with reality,So she thought more carefully,How to implement high -quality civilization services to dots of details。She raised her hand from the most basic、nodded and started practicing,Let myself every action、Each expression penetrates the respect and enthusiasm of Di Cheng,Let the power of smile and the true feelings of service be seen、I can hear、Feeling get。

Huixiao flow into Jianghai,She believes that as long as I take each job seriously,You can take a good youth road,Let yourself send out the light。

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