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The most beautiful epitomeTime: 2022-07-15     Reading volume:

"Dao Yamei,No or not; although things are small,Not for it。"",Regardless of size,All are down -to -earth、Drinking one by one。There is such a group of days in Huanghua Toll Station and silently acting behind the back、There is a responsibility、He and her with energy。

"He" in the thick fog

He -is the charging squad leader Hu Yi.

Dawn is coming,He who is on the toll square is on the outside,Alertly found that the mist on the square is getting stronger and stronger,Open the fog lights on the lane one by one。Through w88 mobilethe fog, he w88 mobilevaguely discovered that the entrance lane was arranged for a long dragon due to control.,He takes a shining command stick from the sentry box and runs to the truck lane。"Don't worry,To ensure everyone’s driving safety,Fog is too large to temporarily implement traffic control,I command everyone to slowly pour out the lane,Please select other paths to the destination。"In the hazy mist,The command stick flashes the light of red and blue,The reflective vest on his body is also particularly conspicuous under the light of the light ... Twenty minutes later,Tranquility is restored on the entrance square,He still continues to stand on the lane safe island to guard。

"He" under the scorching sun

He -is Peng Boyong, the head of the second squad.

"Mr.,Your car is overweight,Can't enjoy the free green car。"" If you have any objection to this weighing,I can let you repeat it again。"" The limited load weight on your driving license is 18 tons,You weigh 21.3 tons after your pounding,It has exceeded 5 % of the limited weight,Is to pay。"" This is a document for the Ministry of Transportation on the inspection of the regulations on the inspection of Green Traffic,Let me listen to you。"is already noon,The hot sun shines on his face,He stands patiently on the safe island,Hold the relevant documents and raise their heads to explain and communicate with the autonomous truck driver over and over again。"Forget it,I really admire your perseverance,This hot day I can't hold the w88 mobilew88 online live casinoair conditioner in the car,You stood outside and explained so much,You also worked hard,I paid the pay! "" Xingxing,Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! I wish you all the way!,Only when I feel that the sweat of the big beans under the brim has already flowed down from both sides of the cheeks,He wipe it out at hand,I walked into the toll kiosk with satisfaction。

"She" in the rainstorm

She -is Shao Yaping, the class leader of the three class charges.

"The rain is getting bigger and bigger,Under traffic control, the entrance square traffic still increases without decrease,If those cars are in the square,The square is about to be blocked immediately,Leave a person on duty,Others will go to the square to keep it with me now! "After finishing speaking, take off the shoes and socks,Roll the legs of the trousers to the knee,Other colleagues are also prepared。I saw her passing through the lane with an umbrella lightly with the umbrella。"You go to your head,First persuade the car that you can wait and see,I command a large car here,Everyone must pay attention to their own safety! Come on!。The wind blew her hair with her good hair,heavy rain wet her rolled pants legs,Bad feet are painful by the sediment on the square,But as a woman, she has no complaints,I saw a thin figure and run through the rain。Everyone laughed at her action afterwards that this action was too "fierce",She replied with a smile: "As the only female squad leader of the yellow flower toll w88w88station,I can do it! "

"He" in the snow and snow

He -is Hu Ying, the head of the fourth class.

After the beginning of the spring, Blizzard is still continuing,Night quietly comes,But Snowflake does not mean to stop for a moment,The lane just cleaned up,Snow starts to accumulate again。Night and deeper lane may freeze,Think of here,He immediately notified the foreign service staff in the class: "Everyone will simply clean up the snow in the square and the lane,Sprinkle with snow melting agent,To ensure the safe traffic of past vehicles。"" Under his leadership,Everyone is working hard。He pushed a garbage truck from the office building,Say "You shovel the snow here,I drag the snow to pour it over there! "Just like this,He has long forgotten that this is the first trip to go back,Just the hair has been slowly stained on the way back and forth。"Holding work! It's hard for everyone! Go to the fire!" He looked at the neat lane and said proudly,The already frozen red hands are still gently photographing the snowflakes on the body for colleagues。

Look at the world in a grain of sand,See life in a drop of water。A careful him、Patient him、A careful her、A hearty him,​​These are his shining labels,It is the epitome of 45 employees of Huanghua Toll Station!

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