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Struggle nine years, Dream FanghuaTime: 2022-06-22     Reading volume:

Smile on the handsome face,Bright eyes transmit wisdom and sincerity,There is no shortage of power in the soft and pleasant words。Where she goes,Raising hands and feet all reflect an excellent Communist member、The unique style of a technical person who dares to overcome difficulties。In the process of the company's high -quality development,She interprets the value of her life with the passion and dream of youth,Fight all the way,Growing all the way。

She,It is the leader of the second party group of the Hyundai Environmental Investment Party Branch、Liu Yan, director of the company technology center,Winning the Provincial SASAC、High -speed Group、Modern Investment Outstanding w88 online gamesCommunist Party Member,Excellent employees of modern investment、Modern Investment "Enter the Cup" Labor Competition Outstanding Personal Award and other honorary titles。



Never accepting losses is her character

2013,Master Liu Yan graduated from graduation and joined the modern ring investment。From the first day of participation,She is determined to play the director,Dedication for environmental protection for life。

The project she is in charge is to carry out the "technical support and verification of agricultural sources census data review technical support and gas pollutant emissions coefficients" in Guizhou,Select the research location to select a typical egg hen and pig farm,At that time, it coincided with the African swine fever period,Management requirements are particularly strict。Liu Yan is not frightened by the difficulties in front of him,Do a good job of investigation,Handling the relationship with the local government and the owner of the farm,Find the right point,Acting with examples,24 -hour uninterrupted sampling and record。Instrument and equipment failure,She is looking for a manufacturer for consultation,Maintenance equipment by yourself,Leisure period,She proactively provides technical consulting and help to the breeding field owner and the local people,Create a close mass relationship。Under her leadership,The task is successfully completed,Get unanimously affirmed by experts and company leaders。

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Liu Yan pays great attention to the improvement of personal professional ability at work,I have obtained the qualification certificate of the secondary construction engineer'w88 mobiles practice、Senior professional title certificate for environmental protection engineering、Sewage treatment workers、Environmental Assessment Certificate、Certificate of Clean Production Auditer、ISO9001 Internal Certificate and a number of professional technical training certificates, etc.。Liu Yanle's hobbies in life,She actively participates in various cultural and sports activities organized by the headquarters and corporate organizations,and achieved good results。Her strong personality and a positive attitude of life infected with colleagues,Established a good image of a Communist Party member。

The burden of being brave is her true color

Liu Yan's heart strong heart,She can be high -quality every task、High efficiency complete。She actively participated in the preparation of the company's 14th Five -Year Plan,Enthusiastically help colleagues solve problems in work,Summary and condense work results,Form the dissertation and patent。She actively participates in branch activities,Public welfare blood donation、Volunteer Tree、Love Donation、Epidemic prevention and control volunteer service and other activities,You can see her petite and beautiful figure,Give play to the pioneering model of party members。She also serves as the vice chairman of the Modern Investment and Reading Association、Director of the Women's Working Committee of the Company Trade Union,Enthusiastic service colleagues,Create a harmonious and upward working atmosphere for the company to dedicate its own strength。

Dare to innovate is her business card

As a 15 -year -old party member with 15 years of party,Liu Yan uses w88 mobilethe party's innovation theory to lead scientific and technological innovation and development,Rooting farmland soil repair、Catering waste disposal and other business areas,Strengthen the industry -university -research exchanges and cooperation with scientific research institutes and enterprises,Focus on improving the company's scientific and technological innovation and core competitiveness。

She hosted and participated in 7 provincial and ministerial topics,More than 10 papers at home and abroad,Authorized patent 16 items,Elected experts from the Provincial Development and Reform Commission Construction Project Entrance Expert Library Library、Changsha Science and Technology Project Review (Evaluation) Expert Library Expert。She led the decentralized dining kitchen waste integrated processing technology and traditional farming model+ME soil conditioning agent technology for the project of the research group+ME soil conditioning agent technology.,Among them, the integrated processing technology of decentralized dining kitchen waste is successfully applied in the demonstration project of the Zhaoshan Service Area of ​​Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao,Red Net、Xiaoxiang Morning News and other authoritative media made reports。

This year is an important year for the implementation of the "14th Five -Year" strategic plan for Hyundai Circle Investment。Liu Yan will be loyal、Thanksgiving Heart、Entry Heart,Continue writing promotes the company's high -quality development new voyage。

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