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There is such a bit at the Yuhua Toll Station"Little guy" in the post -70s,He has no enthusiastic words,But with the hotness of the sky;,But there is a unique survival of one -handed blocking and stubbornness。He dedicated 28 years of youth to the highway,He pursues excellence in adherence,I have won the "Outstanding Communist Party Member" of the group company、Modern Investment "Excellent Employees"、"Excellent Communist Party Member" and other honorary w88 slotw88titles,He is the head of the Yuhua Toll Station Inspection Captain-Luo Hanzheng。

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Yuhua Toll StationFormerYesOut of itName"BlockPoint", he looks in his eyes, anxious to heartRegardless of wind and rainHe always sticks to the front lineDiscoveryTrafficDuring a dayHere, his number of stepsinWeChatSportsCircleAlways ranked at the forefront, every day20000 steps are normal,The highest day,I took more than 38,000 steps,equivalent to25 kilometersSeven days a week, five days he is on duty at the stationFacing the family, he alwaysThere is a guilt,Sometimes the bench at home has not been hot,Come call,He returned to the post。Daughter this year's postgraduate entrance examination,He has no time to communicate well with his daughter。GoYearOctober,78 years oldMother's sudden cerebral hemorrhage,Busy workHe, take care of the sickMother's time is also very small。He sacrificed the time to accompany his wife and daughter and parents,Put most of the thoughts in work。

ColleaguesUnder his influence,AlsoAddAt the work of BaochangThe security of the toll station has changed significantly,Successful withdrawal from the Ministry、The congestion list notified by the Provincial Network Center。

Work"Multi -faceted hand"

To ensure the normal development of the site inspection and maintenance,His innovative inspection and maintenance posts areAB post "。Employees w88 slotw88 mobileof two positions learn business skills,Together with the head。Ten key indicators of daily toll operationsand the recipient list is complicated,He will make the inspection and maintenance personnel team into a group,allocate various tasks one by one,Use Bao Chang to process the work order and data retrieved,greatly improved the work efficiency of inspection and maintenance

Gradually increased with the green channel vehicle of the rainflower toll station,He led the inspection team to increase the right"Green Channel" vehicle inspection strength,Two counterfeit green traffic was captured within a day。GoYearOctober 22,The license plate is the six -box truck of Liaoning F96 ***.,Because the entire cargo box is blocked by foam boxes filled with seafood, the entire cargo box is covered with seafood,​​Fire Eye Golden EyesHeIt is found that most of the inner side of the entire compartment is frozen pipa chicken legs that are not free of free range,In the end, the car consumes a total of traffic fees5762 yuan.tightSuiCome hereThe second truck is usedSameRoutine,For the purpose of wanting to reach less payment fees,An accounting,The car consumes a total of traffic fees5889 yuan.

With his efforts, Yuhua Toll Station2021Search for evasion vehicles throughout the year57,Recovering the pass fee 46980 yuan,Complete the annual target task of increasing income and increase income 167.79%Make up the traffic fee vehicle19 units, the w88 mobilew88 slotpayment amount is 9818 yuanOn -site investigation and punishment will not be qualifiedLvtong Vehicle105 units, restore the pass feesLoss77598 yuan.


DailyHe will and the inspector、Maintenance officers at the toll site for regular fixed -point inspections,Inspect the operation of the electromechanical equipment、Whether the facilities and equipment are intact,Disposes hidden dangers in time,Make sure the charging work is carried out normally。

inOnceInspectionOn the wayA rapid sound came from the intercom:"It's getting angry,It's getting angry。"A postal courier truck pays time at the toll window,Rolling black smoke emerged at the tail of the carriageFlyingCome hereGuide the car away from the lane and stop in the open space of the toll squareQuickly disposal according to the plan requirements,Arrangement from the staff at the scene、Put a cone barrel around the truck,To the guidance of the vehicle behind quickly departs、Use fire extinguisher emergency rescue, etc.,It takes only three minutes,Fire is effectively controlled。

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