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The story behind the honor of charging three classesTime: 2022-03-25     Reading volume:

Changsha toll station charges three classes were evaluated by provincial highway group Co., Ltd.The honorary title of "Advanced Grassroots Team" in 2021,A message coming,Three charges are boiling ... Looking back on this year,Everyone's payment will finally gain,It also understands the essence of the phrase "unity is power"!

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92 years of take -off,After graduating from school, come to Changsha Toll Station,Not long working age,But with the rush of daring to break through、Solid and pragmatic w88 mobilestyle,Grow up w88from a "little white" toll staff to experience、Police Leading Leaders who are sophisticated in officers。

A petite figure, but in her bones, there are Hunan people"Eat bitter, impatient, and pretty".Changsha toll station geographical location special、Large traffic flow,The requirements for the window image are also stricter。Due to excessive labor,At a young age, she suffers from severe lumbar disc herniation,Sometimes lumbar pain is committed,Pain sweaty,Tears rotate in your eyes,She doesn't breathe,Secretly paste a few plaster,Persevere in gritting teeth,Always welcome every past method with a sincere and kind smiley face。

Each set,TengfeiAlways the first one to go,Reports to ensure that each toll collector、Bills、The money is accurate and correct,She can return to the bedroom with peace of mind... the team members look in the eyes,Remember in my heart,After working well,,It will also spontaneously assist her in handling daily affairs。Due to excellent work,She was rated as the "Most Beautiful Communist Youth League" in Hunan Province,Also received many evaluation companies、Branch "Excellent Employees" and "Top Ten Tolls" and other honorary titles。

"Butler" Xiao Xiuyuan

Xiao Xiuyuan's personality calm personality,Calm calm at work。Civilized high -quality service liaison of the team。She will carefully observe everyone’s actions、Words,Reminder oftenAfter getting off work every time,She w88 online gameswill dedicated w88to watching everyone’s work video,Point out the deficiencies in time,Help civilized services in the class with intention"Back -behind",Help it adjust the gesture、Practicing Voice Tones,Share some job tips,Make sure everyone's civilized service quality continues to improve,To improve the overall civilization service level of the team、Emphasized。

In addition to civilized services,Her business work also performs well,Many times at the toll site found a small bid for malicious evasion vehicles,Chasing (supplement) pay thousands of yuan,Make positive contributions to the extension of the station to increase the income and increase the income。

"Mr. Good" Zhou Qing

Just selected as a branchZhou Qing, "Top Ten Tolls" in 2021,When you leave the school gate, come to Changsha Toll Station to work。He has always maintained his true color,Not many words、Renpu resentment,Plies with actual actionsThe words "must be responding" are interpreted vividly.Full and live dirty live,Other people are too late,He takes the initiative to grab it。During the holidays at the peak period of the station, the stations are stressful and the pressure is large,Obligations overtime,His always the first response call,Obligations overtime。Regardless of the cold and cold winter、Wind blowing sun exposure,Whether it is a charging in the gangster,Still foreign diligence to handle special situation,He is always full of energy,Full of positive energy。w88 mobilew88The bright red communist sleeves on his arm,It is a gorgeous landscape line at the toll site,Impact、Drives more colleagues around you to think seriously、Director。

"Multi -Face" Cao Xuyang

Cao Xuyang, graduated from the medical college,Special popular in the three charges。In daily life,Everyone often consults him with health knowledge,He will also explain patiently,Remind the precautions。He who studies diligently,Not only does it provide medical knowledge,Also knows basic auto repair common sense。At work,When there are vehicles at the scene, there are vehicle failure breakdown,He played the director,Timely relieve the urgency for the staff。

"Multi -faceted" him,It is also a typical typical learning of colleagues。In addition to the job of working in the toll position,Learn more、Diligence、Good learning,Proper to business skills,Improve comprehensive quality and ability,Employees that make individuals into "learning all -round" are necessary needs to meet industry tests!

The past is the sequence, the story of the three classes of charging is still being interpreted... New journey,The honor of "Advanced grassroots team" is another new starting point,Stimulate them to create more dazzling results,Write a more moving movement!


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