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The "husband and wife file" on the Spring Festival RoadTime: 2022-02-15     Reading volume:

On the Spring Festival Road,Someone is loyal、Silent dedication,Someone takes the initiative to take the initiative、Courage to serve as,ForOnlyIt is the reunion in Wanjia's lights.

There are four such four at the Changsha BranchTo husband and wife, theyUse your own way to ensure that one side is silently contributed for power。They areZhaoshan Toll StationLogisticsLuo HaiHu Hanju couple,Lijiatang Toll StationSquad leader Princess Red、Tollist Liu Guilan husband and wife,Logistics Liu Dai Xiao、Peng Jinfeng husband and wife,LogisticsLuo Jun, Yang Jun's husband and wife.

Small vacation, big food

Luo Hai's husband and wife often say:"Everyone w88 online gamesw88worked hard during the Spring Festival,The Spring Festival is the most important holiday for our Chinese people,I hope that the dishes we make can make every employee who sticks to the post eat the taste of monks。”

During the Spring Festival, they actively cancel the vacation,In order to make the employees of the Zhaoshan toll station eat"An striped dishes", allingredients theyDuI personallyGet off;To letEmployeesEatgetHealth,They planted various seasonal vegetables in the vegetable garden; in order to make employees eat happily,Wife Hu Hanju will remember everyone's preference,and deploy their favorite dishes according to the taste of the staff。

Prices rose during the Spring Festival,To improve food、Save expenditure,The couple feed the chicken and duck on the station。Look! They are being incarnate"Construction Workers" and "Embroidery Niang",Hand of hand fence、Slim net、Covering the cease to,Chicken feed on the station、duckling、Little Goose Construction "Deluxe Single Room"。

Luo Hai feed chicken .jpg

Small things at home, big jobs

Speaking of Professor Hong and Liu Guilan husband and wife,Lijiatang toll station does not have no thumbs。Husband Pricky Red as a toll squad leader,Working and willing to work,Strong business ability。Before the coming of the Spring Festival,HeOrganization class meeting, carefully learn the spirit of the relevant documents of the superior, ensureRelatedPolicies and processes implementationEncourage the team members to overcome the pressure of the tension,Make a good career on the way home with heart。

WifeLiu Guilan is hard work,AlsoBurn well with good dishes. During the Spring FestivalMaster of the cafeteria for vacationPersonal nervous,SheAfter the white work, activePut on apron、Start with a spatula and start the pot, pans, performers,After a while,The delicious table is presented in front of everyone。This is not,She rolled up her sleeves and burned two dishes for everyone,Husband at homePositiveShare a strong colleague friendship with the video connection。In video,Look at the love of lovers and young children,Her heartFull of happinessShe knowsSmall things at home, big jobs,The years are quiet,Someone always wants to move forward。

Professional Red Husband and Wife.jpg

Getting crashed small, big word of mouth

As the saying goes"Difficult to adjust",This is bothTest of chef's skillsalso revealed that the job is not easy.Chef Liu Daixiao does not think so, he thinksNo intention to be discerning, the key depends on whether the chef is attentive.Just heartDo, there is no job that is not doing well. Spring FestivalThe traffic volume is large, everyone delays the meal, heWillKeep in the cafeteria, watchEveryoneEat the hot air mealshe was relieved.

After doing his job well, heActively undertakeThe environmental disappearance of the environmentWorkHelpWife Peng Jinfeng planting vegetables。Wife Peng Jinfeng is the cleaners at the station,Also with vegetables,From the east head of the station area to the west,enough35 pieces of vegetables, these are all her credit

Looking at their two duties, some people will ask"Do so much,Tired? "Pu Qian and thick they answered" Little Cross ",Big Word of Word,Do not do more。”

Cleanor Peng Jinfeng.jpg

Small physical things, big safety

Chef w88w88Luo Jun, Clean Yang Jun just transferred to LijiatangPaidstation"Newcomer",Although the time is not long,butThe couple's two of themSerious and responsible to win the respect of everyone.

Spring Festival Testperiod,In order to prevent themselves from falling behind, the couple discussed very earlyHow aboutWith other colleaguesdivision of labor cooperation,Do your best to do your best to work well。Wife Yang Jun said"I'm responsible for the hygiene of the flyover and the charging site,Working hours are relatively fixed,After finishing hygieneJustCome to the kitchen for help."Husband Luo Jun was worried about his wife's tiredness and insisted on not let her helpBut Yang Jun said firmly"Sometimes you can't be busy,The ground slippery of the cafeteria,I am worried about everyone wrestling,Be sure to clean up and clean it in time。Everyone's safety is the most importantEvery timeLook atQiaoWifeCleaning openCanteen and restaurant ground, Luo Jun's work is even more energetic.

Chef Luo Jun.png

Seeing thoughts, dripping the sun.Four of Changsha Branchyes"husband and wife file"There are three pairsLabor serviceOutsourcing staff,But theyTreatment of work is never vague, their"Small" and "big things" burst out of the endless power of endless effortOrdinary they know: as long as they are brave enough to stick to、Gan Yu Dedication,Putting every itemWorking well is extraordinaryEvery ordinary person can write extraordinary life Chinese chapters




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