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Enter the civilized family and learn from "the most beautiful"Time: 2022-01-27     Reading volume:

At Changsha Toll Station at Changsha Branch, there is such a pairAfter 90s couple,They are businessmen at work,Many times were rated as the "most beautiful hibiscus flower"、Branch "Star of Service" and the "Advanced Individual" and "Trade Union activists" of the year,In 2021, the two received the "Top Ten" toll collectors of the year at the same time.。In family life,Use your own sincerity、Respect the old love for young,Use your own sincerity、Goodness and filial piety to the family's happiness、Happiness。Let's walk into Changsha Toll Station,Listen to Wang Lingyan together、Zhou Qing’s "w88 mobileMost Beautiful Family" story。

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Wang Lingyan treats others politely、Enthusiastic service,Seeing the vehicle breakdown,She took the initiative to help the cart; hearing the driver cough,She enthusiastically gives her throat… On the morning of August 17, 2021,Wang Lingyan, who had just taken the lower Daoxiu, saw a driver frowning with a frowning face,Sighing sigh。She took the initiative to ask the situation,Knowing that he is a car owner of the Gan C00 *** green channel vehicle,Because ETC does not make an appointment to deduct more than 2,000 yuan,Unfamiliar operation process for applying for refunds is very urgent。Enthusiastic Wang Lingyan taught him how to operate while comforting the owner,But I found that the driver binds the mobile phone number of the ETC account and the bank card opening phone number inconsistent,Unable to check and apply for refund from China ETC service applet。Toll lanes in August,The temperature is as high as 450 degrees,She stood for an all -hour in the rolling heat wave,Finally helped the driver to successfully apply for a refund of 2,000 yuan。Afterwards, the driver sent Wang Lingyan to Wang Lingyan,Eight characters are printed on the above -due diligence,Patience Service,Express the gratitude of Wang Lingyan for the driver。

Delivery, work and life to promote each other

Wang Lingyan's husband Zhou Qing,Strictly request yourself at work,Obief arrangement、Practical and willing。Early stage of the national network charging,Many colleagues do not know how to operate the equipment,He actively learned、Take the lead w88 online live casinolearning,Ask my colleagues if you do n’t understand,until learning to understand,and taught the knowledge learned to other colleagues in the class,Driving colleagues in the class to overcome technical problems。Daily work,He is not afraid of suffering or tired,Actively undertake a card change box while doing my job、water lifting、Hygiene and other dirty lives,Actively assist the squad leader to do a good job of team affairs,Becoming technology、Service is good、Ingenious young backbone。

Toll site,You can always see Zhou Qing's enthusiastic service department.,Actively solve the problem for Si Cheng。Treating colleagues,He is also enthusiastic and sincere、Happy dedication,Everyone likes to find him for everything,And he is always enthusiastic to help colleagues with difficulties。2021 During the promotion period of the truck ETC,Zhou Qing took the initiative to undertake the heavy work installed,and often drive your own private cars to carry colleagues to logistics parks、Cargo Center and other local publicity。Changsha toll station vehicle traffic is large,Especially holidays are the peaks and continuous。To alleviate congestion,The station is called on the party members、Youth backbone to charge the front line to keep it smooth,Zhou Qing and Wang Lingyan did not hesitate to register; although they were just the "motor force" of the keeping group,But full of energy,Each excellent task is completed。

Filial parents, respect each other, love each other

Wang Lingyan’s baby is just full2 years old,The two couples actively w88apply for staggered and divided into two different teams,so as to take more time to take care of the family and children。Seeing the little couple gathered and left more,Wang Lingyan's mother rushed from his hometown of Hengyang,Help them bring children。With the old man's care,A few nets at home、Clean and comfortable,The baby is also white and fat, which is also loving。The husband and wife do not have worries,Put more wholeheartedly into work。After the 90s, they,Although young, very sensible,Worried about my mother too hard,Every time I get home from get off work, grab the food、mop、washing sun、Bring children ...。Mother is Hengyang,Unfamiliar to Changsha,The husband and wife use the rest time to pick up the father,The whole family climb Yuelu Mountain,Traveling Orange Castle,Shopping mall,Every Mid -Autumn Festival、The days of the reunion of family reunion in the Spring Festival,The couple will always take the time to bring the mother and the child to return to my hometown and relatives and friends to reunite,In spirit、Materially try to post and comfort the old human body,Take care of your "little home"。

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Home is the smallest country,The country is 10 million。Wang Lingyan's family takes care of each other、He MeimeiLive together。Although it is just an ordinary little family,But they are aggressive、Homorrhea and warmth,respect each other loveVividly interpret harmony、Social Fashion of the United States,I wrote the most beautiful family style with love spectrum!

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