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A "low -flavored" real -themed party day eventTime: 2024-04-28     Reading volume:

Spring light is just right、Breeze brushes face,w88 online live casinoApril 25,The Party Branch of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Changsha Branch and the Xiangtan Toll Party Branch of Xiangtan, Danheng West Road, Tanheng West Road, came to Comrade Peng Dehuai's former residence,Jointly carried out the theme party day event of "Study, Knowing Ji, Ming Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji Cheng Ji"。

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At Comrade Peng Dehuai Memorial,All party members raised their right hand to return to the party's oath,Each vow is loud。Follow the pace of the interpreter,Party members walk into the Memorial Hall Exhibition Hall。A large number of precious historical relics and photos are displayed in the exhibition hall,Vividly reproduced the glorious journey of Comrade Peng Dehuai for life for the party and the people's cause。Party members listen carefully to explanation,String from time to time to watch,Deeply feel Comrade Peng Dehuai’s firm ideal beliefs、Noble moral sentiment and a lofty spirit dedicated to the people。

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In the conference room,According to the party committee of the w88 online gameshigher party committee, "Send the party lesson into the branch、Teach Teachers to Teach Grassroots "work requirements,Member of the Party Committee of Changsha Branch、Discipline Inspection Party Secretary Lu Shandong brought a party lesson entitled "Using Party Disciplinary Creation Thoughts and Actions" for party members。He set off from the party's development process,Deeply explain the importance of party discipline and party rules,How to learn and implement specific requirements for party discipline and party rules。

Last,All party members watched the warning education film "Continuous efforts to advance,Solving unique problems "。The film is analyzed through a series of typical cases,Deeply revealing the serious harm and consequences of violations of party discipline and party rules。

Through this activity,Party members have expressed their need to learn consciously、Follow and maintain the party's discipline and rules,Keep a sober mind at all times,Always be loyal and clean。

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