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Pursuing the red footprint to strengthen the missionTime: 2024-04-23     Reading volume:

April 19,The Party Branch of the Comprehensive Department of the Company of the Company、Dawei Cargo Party Branch headed to Hunan w88 online live casinoFirst Normal University (Chengnan Academy Communist District) to carry out "pursue red footprint、Strengthen the mission "theme party day activity。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company、Deputy Chairman、General Manager Tang Qiansong participated in the event。

As the birthplace of Huxiang culture and red cradle、One of the cradle of modern normal education,Hunan w88 online live casinoFirst Normal University hire Xu Teli、Yang Changji、Li Jinxi and other famous teachers serve as instructors,Invited Cai Yuanpei、Dewey、Russell and others come here for learning,Cultivated Mao Zedong、He Shuheng、Cai Hesen and a large number of national pillars,Mao Zedong has set up the grand ambition of "transforming China and the world" here。Not long ago,General Secretary Xi Jinping inspects in Hunan,The first stop came to Hunan First Normal University,Understand the development of the college and the use of red resources,And emphasized to protect it、Use good red resources,Strengthen the revolutionary tradition and patriotism education。


Under the leadership of the interpreter,Follow the growth footprint of w88 online gamesthe youth Mao Zedong,Visit the auditorium carefully、"Eighth Classroom Classroom" of Mao Zedong's class、The "Eighth Class bedroom" I have lived、For the well -to -take, take a cold bath for a strong body、self -study room、Reading Room、Gentle Pavilion and other red commemorative points,Reminiscence of the touching deeds of Comrade Mao Zedong's young people's schooling career,On -site perception of a generation of great men to explore the truth of life、Discovering revolutionary cause,For national independence、The lofty spirit and unremitting struggle of the people's liberation and the country's prosperity and the country's country and the feelings of the country。

After the event is over,Party members have said,Through this on -site teaching,Thought has been deeply baptized,In the future study work,It is necessary to continue to study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and General Secretary Xi Jinping inspect the spirit of important speeches in Hunan,Inheritance Red Gene、Strengthening the mission,Effectively achieve w88the discipline, knowledge, Ming Ji Ji,The work style of being honest and pragmatic to further enhance the responsibility and responsibility of serving the real economy,Contribute to promoting the company's high -quality development

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