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Reagators to transform with the strategy of investigating the good strategyTime: 2023-09-11     Reading volume:

The construction of the company's third park base encountered a small trouble,Modern Assets Party Branch through investigating "Symptoms",​​Invite the w88professional and technical personnel of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences for training guidance,Improve the ability to improve professional skills and prevent disease prevention and prevention and prevention,Effective control of cost loss,and adjust the method of planting new products,expanded the production capacity and economic benefits of the base。

Learning to implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics since the development of education,Modern Assets Party Branch puts Daxing investigation and research in prominent positions,Focus on business goals,close to the operating risk point,Effective effect of strengthening supervision。The collective research of the Economic Division determines the research project and formulates the research plan。Members of the leadership team combined with the in charge of the work claiming topic,Take a discussion and exchange、Check the information and other methods to understand the situation,Persistence and deepening research。Review and analyze the quality of the company's reform and development,Using Xi Jinping's world view of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics w88 slotin the new era、Method Theory,Research and measures for research and expensive research。

September 6,Research Seminar for the Research Achievement of the theme Education of the Branch,In -depth exchange of research and research on the leadership team。The meeting requires relevant units、The department must come up with a strong sense of responsibility and urgency,No loose、Always as one,High standard High -quality completion theme education tasks,Special plan to do a good job of the theme education summary evaluation,Carefully conduct inventory counterpart、Timely check the missing and supplement,Make sure that each job is grasped,New new development of high -quality development as test theme education results。

As of now,The company inspects the truth in the investigation and research、Searching for the symptoms、Solution problems,Sort out 12 outstanding questions,Formulate 24 rectification measures,Full follow -up supervision of disciplinary inspection,At present, it has been fully solved in place,formed a series of high -quality research results。Where,Company Digital Technology Platform Project w88is in cultivation、Exploring stage,The research team finds the entry point of the investigation and research、Pointing point and focus,In contract negotiation、Daily business management、Digital business revenue and expenditure and other matters proposed specific suggestions on compliance management,Potential risk factors in the process of effective avoidance of business development,Building a wind control compliance defense line。

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