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Company leaders investigating Tan Hengxi's high -speed safety operation workTime: 2024-05-13     Reading volume:

To promote the governance of space under the bridge,Implementing safety production,Ensure the safety operation of the highway under the jurisdiction of the company,May 9th to 10th,Member of the Party Committee of the Company、Deputy General Manager Yuan Zhen,Chief Engineer Guo Tong went to Tanhengxi high -speed research。

​​Yuan Zhen has come to Plum Blossom Ferry、Dianying Ridge Bridge View the status quo under the space under the bridge,Detailed understanding of the historical reasons and related situations of existing problems,and held a work site meeting at the Steamed Hunan Maintenance Center。He pointed out,Under space safety governance work is urgent,Branch and Management Center must attach great importance,Be sure to inform the prompt in place,Clean up and demolish in place,Project closed in place,Spraying publicity in w88 slotplace,Inspection and inspection is in place,Engineering coordinating,Budget coordination。Take the opportunity to welcoming the National Inspection,Coordinated to quickly promote the work of space governance under the bridge。


Guo Tong went to the Langying Ridge Bridge to investigate the situation of the band structure road base,Analysis meeting of the Turbus Terminal Circular Blood at the construction site。Guo Tong pointed out,Branch should attach great importance to,Absorbing a major accident lesson for the recent "Mei Da" high -speed road base landslide,Maintenance personnel at all levels should strengthen inspection inspections,Timely discover dangerous situation,Report and deal with timely。


Hengyang City Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau relevant person in charge、Relevant person in charge of Changsha Branch participated in the research。

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