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Huaihua Branch does a "physical examination" on the bridgeTime: 2024-05-13     Reading volume:

w88At present, the flood season,For the system to master the state of use of the bridge,Ensure the safe operation of the bridge,Tighten the flood control "safety valve"。Recent,The professional testing agency commissioned by the Huaihua Branch,Perform regular testing on the 117 bridges under the jurisdiction。

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Preparation for the early stage,Zhou Mi is first。The section of the branch has 117 bridges,To do a good job of the regular testing of this bridge,Maintenance Management Department formulates the traffic safety organization plan in advance,Set traffic warning signs and cone barrels,Make sure that the traffic safety of vehicles and surrounding vehicles during the fixed inspection。

On -site test,Specifications are required。This test is strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements of the "Highway Bridge Candidate Specifications" and "Highway Bridge Technical Status Evaluation Standards",Testing the instrument,w88 online live casinoDeeper into the side and bottom of the bridge for detailed inspection,Based on visual inspection, carefully check the defect status of various components,Key inspections of the structural parts that affect safety。Effective investigation、Do not walk past、Full coverage、No dead corner。

Fixed inspection results,The effectiveness is heavy。The inspector based on the basic information and disease data of the collected bridge、Image information,Fill in the bridge regular inspection record form,Assessing the technical status of the bridge,Update bridge tunnel management system,Improve the "one bridge, one file" technical file,Form a regular inspection report。

Follow -up,Branch will continue to increase the normalized inspection strength of the bridge,Timely update and improve the "bridge ledger" and "basic information file","Physical Examination" results according to the bridge,Maintenance plan for different diseases w88 mobileof the bridge,Timely disposal safety hazards。

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