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"Labor Day" of Yuhua Toll StationTime: 2024-05-07     Reading volume:

At Hunan High -speed Rain Flower Toll Station,There are such a group of ordinary workers,They

Day and Night is companion     Welcome to send to

Delivery     Persevere in the post

During the May 1st International Labor Day,They are the most beautiful guardians at high speeds

It is also the most beautiful worker in ordinary posts

They make a promise with their own hard work:

"Free service free of charge"

Let's walk into the Changsha Branch Yuhua Toll Station,Follow the lens,Feeling their hard work,The style of labor。


May 1 on May 1,Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee、Shen Xiaoming, Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, came to Yuhua Toll Station to visit and condolences to young volunteers。


May 1 on May 1, May Day holiday peak,Staff command the w88w88 online gamesvehicle in an orderly manner in the traffic。


May 2:30 on May 2,Maintenance personnel and Huafu technicians debug the "Pay Pay" system。


    May 22:05 on May 2,Inspectors carefully check the "Green Tong" vehicle。


May 3:00 on May 3,Staff cleaned white garbage at the export toll square。


May 3:30 on May 3,Staff persuaded the vehicle at the entrance。


May 4th at 11:20,Staff repair the central isolation belt telescopic door。


May 4th on May 4th,Toll staff persuade the motorcycle to enter the high -speed speed。


May 5th at 18:30,Vehicle returns to the city,Staff placed a safe cone,Canadian toll lane


During the holidays, free service and responsibility

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