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Huaihua Branch successfully completed the "May 1" small holiday during the long holiday period.Time: 2024-05-07     Reading volume:

The 5 -day "May 1st" holiday has come to an end,Huaihua Branch carefully deployed,Multi -tube napaine,Created the travel environment w88w88of "An Changshu Beautiful",Passed the work during the holidays and keep the security work。The total flow of the highway entrances under the branch of the branch is 27.1201 million vehicles,average daily traffic of 542.4 million vehicles。

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Organization to hold the "May 1st" preservation deployment meeting,Safety production、Civilized Service、Information submission and other tasks to decompose responsibilities,Make sure measures to arrive、Responsibility to people,Do a good job of guaranteeing and keeping the work。Deeply draw on the disaster lessons of the Chaoyang Road section of the Mei Da High Speed ​​high speed,Digging high in the area、High steady -long、Water and other hidden dangers and other hidden dangers and the wading bridge for comprehensive investigation。Strict implementation of 24 -hour duty and leadership and leadership system,Strengthen the safety education and management of the toll personnel,Focus on "two passengers and one danger" and "large transportation" vehicle management and control,Guarantee road safety。

Establishing as a foundation, fully guarantee security and smoothness

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Deepen the w88 mobilew88linkage mechanism of "One Road and Multi -Party" joint service,Increase the full time of the scene、The whole process、Inspection and control of all -round inspection and control,Scientific deployment emergency rescue duty power,Formed a strong and uninteresting force。Variable information board along the line、Small speakers such as the toll station square,Cycle Rolling Release Holiday Travel Service Guide、Public conditions in key sections、Warm reminder such as meteorological warning information,formed a multi -dimensional promotion "powerful force",At the same time, optimize personnel configuration,Increase the front line to save the power,Make sure passenger and cargo diversion、Quick Walk。"May 1" period,A total of 38 highway rescue rescue for highways,38 rescue vehicles。

People -oriented, fully provide heart -warming service

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Active innovation service means,Each unit sets up a volunteer service team,Consultation of the route for Si Cheng、Love assistance and other extension services,Provide the "zero distance" and "heart attachment" service for past personnel,Set up a service society、"w88 slotw88 slotLianxin Bridge" to serve people's livelihood。Supervise the service area to strengthen merchants、Catering、Gas Station and other projects standardized operation,Guide the orderly partition of passenger vehicles for parking,Make sure "driver's home"、Mother and baby room、Humanized services such as the third bathroom and other humanized services。"May 1" period,Set 6 convenience service points,Cumulative provision of more than 200 times for various information consultations。

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