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The first joint -stock road in Hunan Province

Changyong High Speed

Changyong Expressway is the earliest high -grade highway built in Hunan Province; west wiring in the Xiangjiang North Bridge of Xiangjiang, West Lian,East to Yong'an to Liuyang Highway,and Changtan Expressway、Changli highway interoperability,Connect with Huanghua International Airport with a branch line。After opening to traffic in June 1996,The traffic conditions of the east export of Changsha City,The distance from Changsha City to Huanghua Airport has been shortened。The completion of its burst of traffic crowded in Changsha,Expand opening to the outside world,It is very important to promote the development of Changsha and even the province's economy in the provincial capital。Changyong High Speed ​​is completed and opened to traffic,ending the history of Hunan -free highways,It is known as "the first road to the gate"。

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Hunan Province, a highway with the highest gold content in Hunan Province

Changtan High Speed

Changtan Expressway connects Changzhutan City Group,A paragraph of Hunan on the Beijing -Hong Kong -Macao highway,It is the busiest highway section in Hunan Province; Niujiao Chongkong, Changsha City in the north,Southern to Majiahe, Xiangtan City,High -speed with Changsha、Airport high -speed、Long Browse High Speed、Shanghai -Kunming Expressway Interchange。Starting in July 1994,Open on December 15, 1996,w88 online live casinoConstruction investment 1.19 billion yuan。Changtan Expressway was opened to traffic to drive the start of the province's highway,Promoting the development of the economy of Changzhutan area,It has pulled the development of Changzhutan's economic integration。At the same time, it is also the penetration of the national north -south traffic arteries,Has played a positive role。

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An important component of the main skeleton of Hunan Provincial Expressway Network

Tan Hengxi High Speed

Tanhengxi Expressway is an important part of the "Five Vertical and Seven Heng" highway planning in Hunan Province,Opened traffic on September 30, 2011,is a section of the G0421 Xuguang Highway Hunan,total length 139.104 kilometers,Passing through Xiangtan City、Yang Jiaqiao、Shooting Port、Huilongqiao、White Fruit、East Lake,Finally, Hengyang City Steamed Hunan,Involved 9 toll stations。


Connecting the red boutique tourist route in the old man's hometown

Changshao Lou High Speed

Changshao Lou Expressway is located in Changsha、Xiangtan、The territory of Loudi Three City,It is to meet the construction requirements of the "two -type society" construction comprehensive supporting reform pilot zone of the national long Zhuantan urban agglomeration,Integrate "Changsha -Huaming Building -Gray Decoction -Shaoshan" famous city、Celebrity、A boutique tourist route carefully created by the tourist resources of Mingquan。Changshaolou high -speed 140.772 kilometers,The main line was opened to traffic on December 31, 2014,Connecting the national highway Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao Reopcopic、Changzhutan Ring Road、"3+5" urban group ring line、Erguang High Speed、Yi Lou Heng Expressway and other multiple highways,Longlang high -speed with the upcoming opening of traffic、Ning Shao high -speed connection,It is a convenient channel between Changsha City and Xiangtan City and Loudi City。The project is improving the improvement of Hunan Province's highway network,Accelerate the formation of "3+5" urban agglomeration one and a half hours of economic circle,Improve regional traffic location advantages,Promote the construction of "Four Four Two Two Two",Realize the development of economic and social sciences throughout the province,It has important significance。

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Important Transportation Line in West Hunan

溆 Huai High Speed

溆 溆 高,Highway belongs to the west section of Loudi to Huaihua Expressway,91.78 kilometers throughout the journey,Use four -lane highway standard construction,Design speed 100km/h,Road base width 26 meters,Total investment 8.19 billion yuan。The company invested more than 8 billion yuan in 2012 to acquire 100%equity from Hunan Provincial Expressway Construction and Development Corporation and undertake construction,Build open to traffic at the end of 2013。Its construction,Integrate to grow Changzhulan in cities and counties along the line、Continue to Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau,Undertake the transfer of the eastern coastal industry,It is of great significance to promote economic and social development in western Hunan.。

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Important Transportation Line in West Hunan

Huaiji High Speed

Huaiji Expressway starts from Jihuai High Speed ​​(Yingkou Township, Hecheng District),Ending point connects the Shanghai -Kunming Expressway (Zhu Pingpu Township, Zhijiang County),Another east -west highway in Hunan section parallel to the Hunan section of the Shanghai -Kunming Expressway,Mainly connecting Changzhutan and Loudi、Shaoyang、Huaihua and Guizhou area。The main line of the project is 33.208 kilometers,Project investment of 3.238.3 billion yuan。November 13, 2019,Huaiji Expressway opens to traffic,After opening to traffic,It only takes 20 minutes to Huaihua West to Qijiang North,From Guizhou to Jishou、Chongqing can save 20 kilometers of drive。Its building,will further optimize the regional traffic structure,Improve regional transportation conditions,Promote the development of western Hunan,It plays an important role in promoting the construction of the "Five Provincial Side Ecological Center City" for Huaihua City。

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One -in -one

Safe and keeps good 

7.36%mileage accounted for 14.15%.

The highway jurisdiction of the company is located on the province's highway owner 1,Miles in the province account for 7.36%,The average daily main line traffic is about 750,000 units,The province accounts for 14.15%,Average daily exit flow of about 290,000 units,Ancient ratio 15.6%,Large traffic flow。The company has established an emergency rescue scheduling management cloud platform,Fully mobilize monitoring、Traffic Police、Road production、w88 online live casinoFirst aid、Fire、Rescue and other parties forces,Achieve a variety of ways all the way、Information sharing、Lianqin linkage,Timely discover and effectively dispose of emergencies,Improved disposal efficiency,Improving the ability of the road。


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One -in -one

Smart Construction

The company actively embraces digital transformation,Create a smart high -speed model。Each operating company targets road safety and smooth flow,Guided by actual business needs,Explore and 5g、Artificial Intelligence、IoT、Big Data、In an integrated application of innovative technologies such as blockchain,Pilot Active Traffic Management (ATM)、Dynamic open hard road shoulder、Special road section traffic flow simulation and building models and other smart high -speed management concepts and technology,Vigorously promote the CPC unmanned smart charging robot、A smart video detection、Free free flow、Pre -collection fee、Pre -transaction and other new equipment and new technologies for demonstration applications in some sections,Technical empowerment quality improvement and efficiency。


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One -in -one

Service benchmark

Liang Brand,Show style。Operation Company adheres to civilized service travel public,Established a civilized high -quality service business card。

Life Studio: "Life Studio" was established with "Fifth Most Beautiful Chinese Low Sister" Tang Lifei,is the first civilized charging high -quality service innovation studio in Hunan Province's highway industry。"Life Studio" based on "service with+、Better innovation ",Innovative "double -sided mirror", "Lion Roar", "Seeing Finding", "First Eight and Six", "Nine -point Line", "456 Working Method", "Scenario Interpretation" and other service methods,Created the benchmark of high -quality service of highway civilization in our province,promoted the overall service level of the province's highway in the province。


Pomegranate Flower Team: Changshao Lou high -speed creation "pomegranate flower" service brand,Refine the spirit of the revolutionary spirit from the story of the comrades and pomegranate flowers from Shao Qifuji Zhengzhi.,Dedication with enthusiasm、The spirit of the "pomegranate flower" of stubborn hard work is guidance,Faithful performance of "serving the people,Dedication of Society ",Efforts to build a highway that the people are satisfied with。Since the establishment of the brand,It has won the provincial regulatory enterprise "Civilized Window Unit"、Provincial Transportation Industry "Model Workers' Home" and "Standardized Maternal and Baby Guan Ai Room"。

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Police Team Team: Huaihua Branch relies on local red resources,To inherit the police to give the police spirit,Carefully created a dare to be the first、The characteristic teams that are brave enough to play "police" and "police class" 8 people,Women account for 100%,Average age 28,All are college degree or above。The team takes service as the purpose,Summary "Four -to -Four Views" work method becomes a benchmark for the industry。"Police Class" has been evaluated the eighth "China Lu Sister Team" and "Furong Models"、"Advanced grassroots team" of the group company、Modern Investment "New Modern Volleyball Soldiers" and other honors。


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