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Red River Modern subsidiaries help an old city to concentrate on destroying illegal publicationsTime: 2024-04-28     Reading volume:

April 25,On the occasion of the 24th World Intellectual Property Day,The Office of the Leading Group of an old city "sweeping pornography and fighting non -" leadership group in Honghe Prefecture Modern Deyuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.。

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Activity site,Witenses of the staff of the leading group of the old city "sweeping the pornography",Honghe Modern subsidiaries will check more than 500 kilograms of books received by them、Newspapers、Prints and other infringing piracy and illegal publications are put into incineration furnace for harmless disposal,further purified the cultural market environment,Created a crackdown on infringement w88w88 mobilepiracy、Protect intellectual property、A good atmosphere of optimizing the business environment。

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As the only dangerous waste disposal center in the old city,This time I inexplicably undertake the task of disposing of infringing piracy and illegal publications,Not only the strong response of Honghe Modern subsidiaries on the "4.26" World Intellectual Property Day activity,It also shows the active performance of Honghe Modern subsidiaries、Highlighting a good image of the state -owned enterprise era。

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