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Jiao Energy integrates empowerment of high -quality developmentTime: 2024-03-28     Reading volume:

March 27,Hunan Provincial Transportation Department distributed photovoltaic power plant invested and constructed by Hunan Hyundai New Energy Co., Ltd.。This demonstration project creates a photovoltaic laid -up、Photovoltaic Corridor、BIPV roof and other application scenarios,and adopted new technologies such as smart sensors,The image of "traffic+new energy" will be further established among the provincial institutions,Empowerment company high -quality development。


Hunan Provincial Communications Department distributed photovoltaic power station full capacity grid -connected operation

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The transportation industry is one of the main "carbon sources",emissions account for about 10%of my country's total carbon emissions,Use photovoltaic and other renewable energy can effectively reduce carbon emissions of transportation,to promote the industry's green low -carbon transformation。Hunan is located in the Yunnan -Guizhou Plateau to the Jiangnan hills and the Nanling Mountains.,Highway in the province has a large number of service areas、Power stations and other energy use scenarios,There are more energy w88 online gamesw88-consuming households such as tunnels,Under the guidance of national low -carbon emission reduction policy,"High -speed+photovoltaic" construction is justified。

Since the establishment of Hyundai New Energy Company,Dedicated to become a highway clean energy development、Construction、Operation、Smart comprehensive energy operators serving one in one。The company has a "point more、Line length、Face wide、Diversion "and other characteristics,Organize five groups to go deep into the service area along the high -speed line、Toll Station、Interoperability、Hub、Tunnels and other places carry out on -site surveys,Hunan high -speed photovoltaic resources have been found out to the bottom of the home and arranged on time,Formulated Hunan High -speed Photovoltaic "One Figure, One Table, One Design",The construction distribution chart、Construction Sorting Form、Typical preliminary design drawings,In order to vigorously implement new energy such as "photovoltaic+energy storage" as the main body, "green source、Zhiwang、Load、New storage "carbon neutral and overall solution,Create an economy、Low carbon、Safety、The high -efficiency highway energy system lays a solid foundation。

The company strengthens the use of resource coordination,Do a good job of top -level design、Integrated advance,According to the "Three -Year Action Plan" according to Hunan High -speed Optical Storage New Energy Construction,According to the "Three -Year Action Plan" according to Hunan High -speed Optical Storage New Energy Construction,It is mainly toll stations with good light conditions and demonstration interoperability、Slope of the service area,In the province's transportation industry, "traffic+new energy" image。

Following the intersection, release development potential

Company actively integrate photovoltaic power generation technology with highway system,Along the province's high -speed line,Covering idle ground、Roof、slope、Carpelings and other application scenarios,Effective use of idle land to create new economic value。

2022,Company "High -speed+photovoltaic" project pilot first test。Modern Investment Huaihua w88 slotBranch 621KW distributed w88 slotphotovoltaic projects on September 29, 2022 Mix the grid to power generation,This project is the first distributed photovoltaic power station for Hunan high -speed independent investment and construction,It is also the first photovoltaic power station of Hunan high -speed operating agency。


Modern Investment Huaihua Branch distributed photovoltaic project

2023,The company's "high -speed+photovoltaic" project forms a benign pattern of multi -point breakthrough。The company has invested in the construction of 7 photovoltaic power stations along the Hunan Province high -speed,1 Block of Energy Storage Power Station。Modern Investment Changsha Branch ’s Photovoltaic Pilot Pilot Power Station for the“ Green Source High Speed ​​”construction。Gray Decoction Toll Station Optics Volkswagen is the first charging station photovoltaic power plant for the first power generation along Hunan high -speed。The photovoltaic project of Xiangxiang East Service District is the first service area of ​​a multi -application scenarios along the Hunan high -speed service area。Group Huaihua Branch of the Group and Huaihua West Toll Station Photovoltaic for the company developed by the company in Hunan High -speed Huaihua area and the first batch of grid -connected photovoltaic power stations。Yuelu toll station energy storage power station is the first distributed energy storage power station in the field of Hunan high -speed transportation。


Modern Investment Changsha Branch distributed photovoltaic project

In the next three years,The company's operating authority along the Hunan high -speed speed、Toll Station、The installation of photovoltaic new energy in the service area will exceed 100MW,1/3 of the province's highway uses green energy,Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 100,000 tons every year,Carbon peak in the field of transportation、Carbon Zhonghe contributes "Hunan High Speed ​​Wisdom" and "Hunan High -speed Sample"。

The photovoltaic project of the provincial government is also the construction scene of the company's key construction。The company w88 online live casinocooperates with the provincial and w88 online gamescounty organs and institutions to carry out distributed "light、Storage "Construction,Green energy optimization and energy storage adjustment,Relieve the tension of power supply and demand,Flat -up electricity load fluctuations,and use benefit sharing to save energy consumption costs for cooperative units。Hunan Province Chishan Prison Photovoltaic Photovoltaic is the first distributed photovoltaic power generation project of Hunan prison system,Energy -saving and emission reduction of the prison system、Green transformation has important demonstration significance。

Technology empowerment, achieve multiple innovation breakthroughs

The company has an expert to enjoy the special allowance of the State Council、The first outstanding engineer in Hunan Province、Hunan Provincial Enterprise Innovation Master and other experts for the innovation research and development team of leaders,Work closely with scientific research units,Efforts to solve policy support、Management mechanisms and technical means and other aspects of problems,Help modern investment becomes a comprehensive service provider in the domestic first -class transportation industry。

Pay attention to the exploration and use of new technologies。The company actively carries out digitalization and technological innovation of new energy power stations。In the construction of Changshao Lou Demonstration Project,Simulation high -speed slope has launched new technologies such as spiral pipe piles,Beautiful layout,Installation efficiency,Construction period control。

Focus on building a smart operation and maintenance system。The company's combination of photovoltaic intelligent control platform development,Energy flow and information flow through fusion,It will realize the considerable photovoltaic link、Visual、controllable,Meeting the comprehensiveization of operational surveillance、Safety analysis intelligent、Adjust the control forward -looking、Dynamic analysis of panorama。

"Photovoltaic is covered with Sanxiang Expressway,Build a new w88 online live casinogreen dream ",Modern New Energy w88 mobileCompany will continue to adhere to "cooperation、Win -win、Innovation、Sharing "concept,Deepen the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in the field of public transportation,With the integration of integrated energy, high -quality development。

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