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Good news! Large -time goods won special prizesTime: 2024-04-09     Reading volume:

Da Youqiu Cargo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dajiu Cargo") recently won the special prize of the "Insurance+Futures" project of the Natural Rubber in 2023 in the previous period,This is affirmation of its outstanding performance in this project。

In the past year,Dajiuqin successfully implemented the natural rubber "Insurance+Futures" project in Baoting County, Hainan Province and Jiangcheng County, Yunnan Province。These two projects not only cover a large number of rubber growers,I also pay special attention to poverty alleviation households and minority farmers,Effectively provide them with the guarantee of price fluctuation risk。Paiting County Project cooperation with Taibao Hainan Branch,Under 1,000 tons of natural rubber,Covering 1509 household rubber growers,Among them, 490 households,The compensation rate is as high as 109.37%。Jiangcheng County Project cooperate with w88 online gamesw88Yunnan Branch,Also underwritten 1,000 tons of natural rubber,Covering 950 -house rubber growers,Among them, 107 households and 102 households,The compensation rate is 109.9%。

Dajiu goods are always committed to deepening the practice of the "insurance+futures" project,Give full play to the discovery of the futures at the price、The role of resource allocation and risk management。The company aims to provide more temperature services,Enhance the toughness of the industrial chain,and contribute to the strategy of rural revitalization。

Secretary of the Party Branch of Dajiu Cargo、Chairman Lei Fang said,The company will continue to strengthen cooperation with all parties,Summary of the successful experience of the natural rubber "Insurance+Futures" project,Explore more scientific、Effective and sustainable operating mechanism,To promote the rejuvenation of the rubber industry and the continuous stable w88 mobileand stable income increase of rubber farmers。

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