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The "Comprehensive Intelligent Monitoring System of Metropolitan w88 slotStatus Status" independently developed by the Dajiu Cargo obtained a national invention patent。This system can monitor the environment and equipment operation status of the computer room,Timely discover and deal with equipment failure,Preventing potential safety hazards,Improve the operating efficiency of the equipment,Reduce maintenance costs。

24-4-8 Comprehensive intelligent monitoring system of the computer room

The central nervous nerve of the computer room as the futures trading system,It is important。Previous,Machine room management is highly dependent on manual inspection and simple monitoring equipment,It is difficult to achieve comprehensive efficiency。To solve the incomplete data monitoring in the management of the computer room、Not processed in time、Inaccurate alarm and other pain points and difficulties,The company's information technology department is equipped with strong tuning soldiers,from Dong Xiaolan、Dai Xiaoming、Peng Feng、Tang Rui formed a project development team,Determine to overcome this technical difficulty。

10 -month technical tackling w88 online live casinoperiod,Development team overcome the real -time collection and transmission of data、Massive data processing and storage、Technical problems such as optimization of abnormal detection algorithms,Use high -efficiency data collection and transmission technology,Real -time obtaining machine room data,Use distributed storage,Solve the processing and storage problems that occur in the later period due to the increase in data,strongly improved the accuracy and efficiency of abnormal detection。This system integrates data collection、Treatment、Analysis and intelligent alarm function,Monitoring data mainly by collecting various monitoring data in the machine room,After pre -processing and analysis,Intelligent warning of abnormal data。

Dong Xiaolan, the person in charge of the project development team,Next will continue to optimize the system,Improve the system function,Add more monitoring indicators、Optimized alarm strategy,Improve system performance and stability,Meet a larger w88scale、Application requirements for more complex scenes,While using emerging technology to empower itself,Provide practical experience for industry data processing and deep learning。

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