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The third prize of the previous period was awarded the "Improvement of the Optional Market Operation Quality" in the previous periodTime: 2024-03-26     Reading volume:

Recent,Dajiu goods won the third prize in the selection of "Improvement of the Options Market Operation" in the Shanghai Futures Exchange in 2023。

2023,Dajiu goods are based on provincial investment education bases,Surround copper、Aluminum、thread、Natural rubber and other options,In -depth training of the basic knowledge of options、"Insurance+Futures" Industry Sharing Conference、Risk Management Exchange Conference and other series of investment activities,Launched the series of rich and vivid "Options Strategy" series series serialization,Original produced online teaching products such as "Little Zhi Zhizhi takes you to play with cotton options w88 mobilew88 slot-how to choose option contracts",Carry out "Futures Knowledge Entry Campus"、"Futures Service Entry Industry" and other activities,The joint business department does a good job of promotion and business services for options market,Effectively promote the development of the real economy of the option service。

"Improve the quality of operating the option market" activity is hosted by the Shanghai Futures Exchange and the Shanghai International Energy Exchange Center,It aims to further do a good job in the cultivation of the option market,Improve the operating level of the option market,Give play to the option function,better serving the real economy。

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