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The company conducts w88 slotdiscussions and w88 online live casinoexchanges with Changsha Rural Commercial BankTime: 2024-05-08     Reading volume:

On the afternoon of May 7,Member of the Party Committee of the Company、Lei Kaiming, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, met with Deng Lai, Secretary of the Party Committee of Changsha Rural Commercial Bank of Changsha。A discussion and exchanges on corporate governance and business development and cooperation。Member of the Party Committee of the Company、Chief Accountant Zeng Yongchang participated。

Deng Laifa introduced Changsha Rural Commercial Bank in the company、Development plan、Business status and business characteristics。He said,Modern Investment, as the third largest shareholder of Changsha Rural Commercial Bank,Care and support the development of Changsha Rural Commercial Bank。Changsha Rural Commercial Bank will further strengthen communication reports and business cooperation with shareholders' units,Realize mutual benefit and win -win。

Lei Kaiming extended a warm welcome to Deng Laifa's visits,Explanation of the work achievements of Changsha Rural Commercial Bank in recent years。Changsha Rural Commercial Bank is an important decision to implement the strategy of modern investment to practice the "one -piece wings" development strategy。The company is one of the main shareholders of Changsha Rural Commercial Bank,will actively fulfill shareholder responsibility and obligations。I hope that the two parties will further strengthen business interconnection,Information sharing,Deepening cooperation。

Company Financial Management Department、Changsha Rural Commercial Bank board office、Tianxin Sub -branch、Relevant person in charge of Xiangfu Sub -branch attended the discussion。


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