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Hunan Xiangjiang New District Agricultural and Rural and Ecological Environment Bureau visits to modern environment for researchTime: 2024-05-11     Reading volume:

May 8,Liu Guoping, Party Secretary of the Party Group, Party Group, the w88 slotParty Group of the Agricultural Rural and Ecological Environment of Hunan New District, led a team to Hunan Modern Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as modern environment) for investigation,Difficulties for corporate relief,Help enterprise green development。Deputy Secretary of the Modern Environmental Party Branch、General Manager Xu Yanyong participated。

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Xu Yanyong extended a warm welcome to Liu Guoping and his party,For Hunan Xiangjiang New District、New District Agricultural Rural and Ecological Environment Director has expressed his gratitude to the company's development and construction for a long time,and introduced the basic situation of the company and the future industrial layout。He said,The company is currently focusing on "solid waste disposal、Highway Environmental Service、Ecological restoration "three main business,The critical period of transition from the "investment+operation" model to the "investment+technology+operation" mode,Hope the new district is in project cooperation、Tax discount、Talent training、Achievements incubation and other aspects further w88 online gameshelp companies,Deepen and expand the field of cooperation,To better realize the advantages complementation、mutual benefit and win -win,Contribute to the high -quality development of the economy and society in the new district more for the power of state -owned enterprises。

Liu Guoping thanked the modern environment for the active contribution to the economic and social development of the Xiangjiang New District。He said,This visit mainly do the development needs of enterprises,Sending services to the enterprise、Promoting development,Continue to improve the business environment。Key enterprises are an important support for the high -quality development of the New District's economy,The ecological environment department must take the initiative to serve,personal service,Guide enterprises to do a good job of environmental protection -related work,Help enterprises solve practical problems。The new district is continuing to fight the blue sky defense war and chromium pollution medium treatment and control project,I hope that the modern environment will give full play to w88 mobilethe role of the main force of the state -owned enterprise,Actively participate in the Blue Sky Defense War and Ecological Environmental Governance Project of the New District,Help the high -quality development of the New District's economy。

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