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The company held the 2023 annual shareholders meetingTime: 2024-04-26     Reading volume:

April 25, 2024,The company held the 2023 Annual Shareholders Meeting in the form of combining on -site voting and online voting。The meeting was secretary of the party committee of the group company、Chairman,Company Party Committee Secretary、Chairman Luo Weihua, chaired。Company Director、Supervisor、Senior managers attended the meeting。


Live of the shareholders' meeting

12 shareholders who voted on the spot and online voting at this shareholders' meeting,Representative shares 710,698,198 shares,accounting for 46.8234 % of the company's total shares。


Luo Weihua chaired the meeting

The meeting reviewed the full w88 online gamestext and w88 slotabstract of the annual report of 2023、2023 profit distribution plan、Work Report of the Board of Directors 2023、Work Report of the Supervisory Board of 2023、Company's 2024 Investment Plan、Company's 2024 financial budget report、Proposal on renewing the annual audit agency in 2024、Eight proposals such as the amendment to the "Independent Directors System"。Li Huaqiang, an independent director at the meeting、Duan Lin、Xu Qing as the 2023 employment report。

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