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The company holds the 2023 annual performance briefing meetingTime: 2024-04-19     Reading volume:

In the afternoon of April 18,The company holds the 2023 annual performance briefing meeting,The meeting passed the Shenzhen Stock Exchange interactive easy w88w88 online live casinoplatform、CSI Road Show Center for live broadcast。Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group Company、Chairman,Company Party Committee Secretary、Chairman Luo Weihua,Member of the Party Committee of the Group Company,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company、Deputy Chairman、General Manager Tang Qiansong,Independent Director Duan Lin,Member of the Party Committee、General Accountant Zeng Yongchang,Secretary of the board of directors Zhu Chengfang on the company's operating results in 2023、Financial status, etc. to communicate online with investors。


Conference scene

Luo Weihua delivered a speech on behalf of the company's board of directors。Company achieved total operating income of 8.467 billion yuan in 2023,Total profit of 802 million yuan,Total assets reached 56.819 billion yuan,Weighted average net asset yields is 4.54%,Reached the expected goal。2024,The company will closely surrounds the "Hunan Provincial Highway Maintenance Brand、Highway smart comprehensive service provider、Capital operation platform、Financial Service Platform "enterprise w88 online live casinow88 online gamespositioning,Continue focusing on the main business,Deepening Reform,Before the benchmark,Create value。Highlight the development of strategic emerging industries,Focus on the highway industry,Develop new quality productive forces,Taking the construction of smart high speed as a traction,Strengthen data value creation,Deepen digital transformation。Develop the photovoltaic industry around the highway,Contributions to the power of transportation and green development。


Luo Weihua Speed

Tang Qiansong promoted operational reform、Deep cultivation of the "one -piece two wings"、Strong value creation、Consolidating the four aspects of internal management reported to the investors that the operation level was deeply cultivated in 2023、Seeking steadily、The operating performance achieved by reform and innovation。

Duan Lin、Zeng Yongchang briefly reported the role played by independent directors in 2023 and the company's main financial indicators and dividend plans。

The participating leaders and investors conducted in -depth exchanges and interactions,Company w88w88 mobilestrategic goals proposed by investors、Financial Index、Market value management、Dividend planning and other questions have been carefully answered,It shows the determination of the company's high -quality development,Investors realize identity in the company's development concept and value。

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