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Industrial layout

Industrial Layout

Modern Finance

Contemporary Finance

Two wings

Do special financial Streadthen Finance

Make fine and modern finance,Promote the integration of financial capital and industrial capital,Service real economy。

Dayou Futures

Established in 2002 in Da Youqiu Cargo Co., Ltd.,Registered funds 830 million yuan,The headquarters is located in Changsha,It is the president unit of the Hunan Futures Industry Association。Won the service innovation award of the best risk management subsidiary,Excellent Service Award、Comprehensive business platform construction excellent members、Excellent Risk Management Company,Hunan Province "Workers Pioneer" and other honors。

The company's business scope covers commodity futures and financial futures agents、Investment consultation、Asset management、Fund sales、Risk Management、Outdoor derivatives and market makers。​​The company has an elite team composed of Shuo Bo and overseas w88study abroad,Build a network financial service system、Ratings management system、IT service system、Four core competitiveness of the investment and research service system。The company is Dalian Commodity Exchange、Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange、Shanghai Futures Exchange、Shanghai International Energy Trading Center、Member of the Guangzhou Futures Exchange,Settlement member of China Financial Futures Exchange,In Shanghai、Nanjing、Zhengzhou、Hefei、Jinan、Foshan and other key cities with many branches。The company also established a risk management subsidiary in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (Shanghai Tuishi Trading Co., Ltd.),The first batch of risk management companies in the industry,Realize the in -depth integration of the futures market and the spot market。

Da You Duke Innovation Create a "Insurance+Futures" project,Actively serve the country's rural revitalization strategy,It has become the leading risk management service provider in the industry。

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Modern Wealth Modern Wealth

October 2022,Integration of modern wealth and guarantee small loan companies,officially constructed a comprehensive financial service platform that two major sections of debt finance+commodity trade。Modern wealth fully gives full play to its own asset management and risk management advantages,Relying on four financial licenses,Service real economy,Provide customers with comprehensive、Safety、High -quality financial services; the "Futures Product Investment Strategy Recommendation System" independently developed by commodity trade business "" Futures Synchronous Display System "and" High Security Futures Management Trading System " Computer software copyright certificate。

The commodity trade business is mainly engaged in real goods and derivatives w88 slotof global commodities,Cover the color metal、Precious metal、Energy Chemical、Black metal、The international and domestic trade of the five major sectors including agricultural products,Has stable customer resources,Marketing network covers domestic and foreign,With a perfect customer supplier rating system。

Financial leasing mainly includes direct rental、Various business models such as after -sale rental return,The company as a professional financial platform for financial leasing,Relieve the pressure of corporate development funds by leasing,Provide financial services for the development of many small and medium -sized enterprises。

Commercial factoring sector specializes in account receivables and related businesses,Including public factoring (with the right of pursuit、No pursuit right)、concealed factoring (with the right of pursuit) and other business models,Commercial factoring services can speed up corporate capital transfer,Optimize corporate financial structure,Improve the stability of the supply chain。

Guarantee small loan is positioned in Hunan Provincial Expressions and Provincial State -owned Enterprises,Expand the supply chain financial service。Construction around the highway、Maintenance、Operation and other entire industry chains,Material -oriented supplier、Construction Party、Small and medium -sized customers such as the Labor Service,Expansion guarantee and small loan business,​​At present, it has built a investment with Hunan、Provincial Road Bridge、Guangxi Road Bridge and other large state -owned enterprises establish business exchanges。Relying on the huge information flow and customer flow of Hunan Provincial Expressions at the same time,Especially massive traffic,Integrated w88 mobileroad scene resources,Establish a big data application online platform,Get customers in batches,Carry out one -stop full -product extension financial services。


Modern Hongyuan

Hunan Hyundai Hongyuan Venture Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") was established in 2022,It is a listed company Modern Investment Co., Ltd. (Securities Code: 000900) All -as -the -Subsidon,Mainly engaged in private equity investment fund management、Entrepreneurship Investment Fund Management Service,Registration number: P1074275。

The company has a professional investment management team and a market -oriented mechanism,Based on the main business of listed companies,Perform industrial investment around the strategic positioning and tasks around the "three highs and four new" of Hunan Province; focus on the green transportation related to Luyan in the highway road、The field of smart transportation,and supporting intelligent manufacturing、Information security、Non -listed companies in industries such as new materials、Listed companies fixed increase and equity investment fund。At the same time,The company deploys large transportation -related industries through equity investment,Promote the main business of listed companies to green、Digitalization、Technology transformation,Create investment institutions with unique competitive advantages in the country in the country。

Baling Rural Commercia Bank

Hunan Yueyang w88 online live casinoBuling Rural Commercial Bank is based on the reorganization of the former Yueyang County Rural Credit Cooperative Cooperative,Registered funds 600 million yuan,Control of the company。Bank officially listed on January 23, 2019,is the largest local joint -stock commercial bank with independent legal person qualifications in Yueyang County。Yueyang Buling Rural Commercial Bank actively serves agriculture and rural areas,2019 Loan Loan Business、Increase in the business of electronic banking、The increase is ranked first among the city's agricultural and commercial banks,Ranking first among the county banks,Market share No. 1。


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