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Early age Yuan Ying, Tianyi Reconstruction.

accompanied byThe first rising sun in 2023,We bid farewell to leave too many unforgettable moments 2022,Step into a brand new 2023。On this New Year's Day,Modern Investment Co., Ltd.、Leaders at all levels to help us grow、Friends from all walks of life; to the oldest leaders and investors who give us the greatest support; old leaders who w88have contributed wisdom w88 slotand sweat to the company's development、Old employees,All employees and family members who have worked hard for a year,To the most sincere blessing and the best wishes!

2022,Glory of the 20th Victory of the Party of Hyundai Investment Bathing Party,Share the fruitful results of the motherland,Practice "Powerful Power、Development into the people "mission,Aimed at the new journey of modern Chinese -style modernization。

We strive to meet the difficulties, with hard workStrategy forward。The company fully overcome the difficulty of operating difficulties caused by the epidemic,Civilized high -quality service guarantee for stability,Technology support to improve the level of maintenance wisdom,Coordinated Group's main business enhances the development of the industrial sector,Docking major strategies actively expand new business operations。

We are interested in reform and innovation,Definitely forward with the mentality of the exam。Settled the three -year action task of state -owned enterprise reform,Promoting the reform of the operating system steadily,Explore the development of the operating performance assessment and innovation of industrial companies,Vigorously improve the selection and employment w88 online gamesmechanism,Continuous stimulation team vitality。

We integrate party building business,Mobly move forward with standardized normal conditions。Comprehensively strengthen the party's construction,Perform the party's leadership through the entire process of management,Continue to improve the level of company governance,Finance、Internal control、Engineering management comprehensive cost reduction and efficiency,Continuous improvement of the ability of party governance,High -quality development of hoof disease steady。

We actively create excellent competition,Strive with the attitude of struggle。In the past year,Company Life Studio、Pomegranate Flower、Police class and other brands are increasingly loud,2Famous employees won in national industry competitions,2Personal,5Famous employees were commended by the provincial level,2Family subsidiaries won national and provincial industry awards.

2023,It is the 20th spirit of the party to implement the party,Comprehensively building the beginning of the beginning of socialist modernization of New Hunan,It is the core competitiveness of the company,The key year to realize the company's high -quality development。New Mission、New Mission、New task,We will adhere to the reform of state -owned enterprises,Improving w88 online gamesthe governance w88 mobileof modern companies with socialist state -owned enterprises with Chinese characteristics,Continue to expand the development pattern of "one -in -two wings",Constantly consolidate the foundation of market -oriented development,It has "innovative power、Integration and operating power "on the new platform for capital,Take a more solid step!

2023,Is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of modern investment。Standing in thirty and then departing,Let us unite with、Endurance,Break through the bottleneck on the way forward; rely on courage、The bumpy transformation and upgrading of the courage;、Wisdom,Get the happiness of Kaige Gao! Cross the hills,Starting to beautiful; crossing the hills,Look at the most beautiful scenery!

I wish everyone in the new year, life"Rabbit" goes forward,Career exhibition Hong "Rabbit",Everything meets the "rabbit"!



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