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    A new low! The company successfully issued the first perpetual vote of 2024

    July 3,The company's first permanent ticket issuance work was successfully completed。This permanent vote for permanent votes for Hunan Province AA+main body issued & ldquo; dynamic scale & rdquo;+& ldquo; period two -way interoperability & rdquo; first case,received by investors ...

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    The company participated in the Symposium on the Integrity Education Symposium of the Hunan Listed Company Association

    June 27-28,Member of the Party Committee of the Company、The Chairman of the Supervisory Board Lei Kaiming as the chairman of the Hunan Listed Corporation Association's Integrity and Self -Discipline Committee,Participated in the Symposium on the Symposium on Integrity Education & RDQUO;,and the province ...

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    Changsha Taxation Bureau and the company carried out the "joint school, co -construction and promotion development" activity

    On the morning of June 20,Changsha Taxation w88 mobileBureau went to the company to visit the investigation,and carry out & ldquo; joint school co -construction and promotion development & rdquo; activity。Member of the Party Committee of Changsha Taxation Bureau、Deputy Director Xiong Ling,Member of the Party Committee of the Company、General Accountant Zeng Yong ...

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    Tianxin District People's Congress visited the company for research

    In the afternoon of June 19,Secretary of the Party Group of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Tianxin District, Changsha City、Director Huang Wenxian went to the company to visit the research。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company、Deputy Chairman、General Manager Tang Qiansong,Member of the Party Committee、Lei Kaiming, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee,...

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